Stone Protectors

Stone Protectors

The sacred Crystal Palace of Mythrandir is under siege by Zok, Zink and their Saurian army. It's up to the Stone Protectors to help Princess Opal in this licensed brawler from Eurocom.


Stone Protectors is a 1994 tie-in licensed video game based on the toy and cartoon franchise of the same name. The Stone Protectors are musically-inclined warriors blessed by the gems of Mythrandir, which were sent to Earth to keep them out of the hands of Zok, the leader of the Saurians, who coveted their incredible power. Each warrior has their own color and area of expertise, as well as playing a specific instrument in their rock band The Rock Detectors. The series and toys were a short-lived attempt in the 90s to market the Troll dolls to a young male demographic, combining ninja weapons and rock n' roll with the Trolls' trademark hair and goofy expressions.

The game was released exclusively for the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom. A Genesis version was developed but cancelled mid-production. A prototype of this Genesis version was eventually leaked to the internet, and was later released by Piko Interactive in 2021 along with a reproduction of the SNES version.


The game itself is a side-scrolling brawler. The player controls one of the five Stone Protectors (a second player, or a CPU-controlled ally, can also join in as a co-op partner) as they make their way through various stages taking down Zok's Saurian underlings. The player has three attacks: a punch, a kick and a weapon swing. The weapons are different for each character. Holding down one of the three attack buttons also performs a stronger special attack, though it needs a second to charge. The fourth face button allows the character to jump; the weapon swing and kick buttons also perform different attacks in mid-air.