Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH

Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH

Revenge of Doh is the sequel to the original Arkanoid. It has a better game engine, graphics, sound and comes with its own level editor.


The game's story involves the friendly ship "Arkanoid", its trusty paddle-ship "Vaus" and the villainous intergalactic moai head "DOH". Like the previous Arkanoid and all other Arkanoid games, it is a Breakout clone with various additional features.

These additions include enemies, which often disrupt the path of the ball and sometimes speeds it up and power-ups, which provide various (mostly) beneficial effects to the paddle and ball should the player catch them in time.

Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH hit the Arcades both in their native Japan and internationally in 1987. It then received a copious number of conversions for home systems, including most of the home computers at the time and several consoles. In Europe, these were all invariably named Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH. However, several American versions were known as Arkanoid 2: Revenge of DOH, to distinguish the game as a sequel, and for the Japan MSX and Famicom releases it was simply known as Arkanoid II.


The goal is to simply clear the screen of all destructible blocks, which opens the side of the screen to allow the paddle to advance to the next stage. The player loses a life should the ball (or every single ball, if there are several) passes by the paddle and leaves the bottom of the screen.

The power-ups fall in color-coded capsules with letters on them, as a way to identify their contents. They include:

  • Pink "B" - "Break" - This capsule allows the player to immediately skip to the next level. Highly sought after.
  • Light Green "C" - "Catch" - This allows the paddle to catch the ball and release it at a chosen spot. The player must keep in mind that the ball will leave the paddle at the trajectory it would've left the paddle at had it not been caught.
  • Light Blue "D" - "Disruption" - This splits the ball into several fragments, allowing the fragments to destroy more blocks. The player only needs to keep one of these fragments on-screen, though trying to juggle several will help clear the screen quicker.
  • Blue "E" - "Extend" - Makes the paddle slightly longer. Makes hitting the ball easier, obviously.
  • Dark Green "I" - "Illusion" - Creates a ghostly paddle that follows the main one. This ghost is also able to reflect the ball, effectively increasing the size of the paddle as long as it's moving.
  • Red "L" - "Laser" - Turns the paddle into a gunship, allowing it to destroy blocks directly above the paddle. Though an easy way to clear the screen, the player must remember to keep reflecting the ball as it comes down.
  • Purple "M" - "Mega" - Turns the ball into a souped up version that can break through even once-indestructible gold blocks. The ball will not stop until it hits a wall or the ceiling, clearing entire swaths of bricks in one go.
  • Light Gray "N" - "New" - This splits the ball into three balls every time it hits something. Lasts until the paddle collects a different power-up.
  • Dark Gray "P" - "Player Extend" - An extra life. Fairly rare.
  • Black "R" - "Reduce" - One of the negative power-ups, this reduces the size of the paddle, thus making the ball harder to hit.
  • Orange "S" - "Slow" - Slows down the ball. A helpful power-up if the player's been on the stage too long and the ball has sped up too much as a result.
  • Dark Blue "T" - "Twin" - Splits the paddle into two paddles. Like Extend, this makes reflecting the ball considerably easier, though the player should be aware of the small gap between the two paddles.