Operation Wolf

Operation Wolf

Shoot bad guys and rescue the hostages in this 1987 first-person Arcade light-gun shooter from Taito.


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Operation Wolf is a light-gun game originally for the Arcade and later ported to a large number of home computers and consoles. The Arcade version was added to the 2005 PS2 Taito Legends compilation, though without light-gun support. The NES version was added to the Wii's Virtual Console in 2008 in North America.

Operation Wolf is one of the most recognizable faces in the "on-rails shooter" genre, and one of the earliest to be released. The player is a Special Forces Operative sent on a mission to rescue valuable POWs from concentration camps, moving from each area to the next.

As the screen scrolls slowly to the right, various enemies run onto the screen at different distances to the player. The player has a short window to quickly shoot them before they take damage from the enemy's gunfire. Some enemies require multiple shots, while others are immune to bullets everywhere but their weak points. The player also has a finite number of grenades which they can use as a last resort.

Operation Wolf was followed by three sequels: Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Wolf 3 and Operation Tiger.

Missions / Levels

  1. Communications Center
  2. Jungle
  3. Village
  4. Power Magazine/Ammunition Dump
  5. Prison/Concentration Camp
  6. Airport


Enemy / TaskPoints Attained
Field soldier50 - 100
Motorcycle soldier150
Armored soldier200
Guerrilla soldier200
Knife soldier300
Armored car1000
Gun boat1000
General (soldier)5000
Completed Mission10000
Completed Game (0 Prisoners Saved)60000
Completed Game (1 Prisoner Saved)70000
Completed Game (2 Prisoners Saved)80000
Completed Game (3 Prisoners Saved)90000
Completed Game (4 Prisoners Saved)100000
Completed Game (5 Prisoners Saved)110000