Doomsday Warrior

Doomsday Warrior

A standard SNES fighting game from the developers of numerous PC-Engine CD games.


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Doomsday Warrior (known in Japan as Taiketsu!! Brass Numbers, loosely translated to "Confrontation!! Brass Numbers") is a 2D sci-fi fantasy fighting game developed by Laser Soft and published for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in both Japan (by Telenet Japan on November 20, 1992) and North America (by Renovation Products on March 1993).

Players control one of the six members of the Doom Squad (a group of powerful, brainwashed warriors unwillingly serving an evil god) as that member comes to their senses and saves the world from their former comrades.

The game uses two attack buttons (which can be used with the Up button for high attacks) and dedicated jumping and blocking buttons. Similar to Deadly Moves, the game allows players to upgrade their characters after defeating each opponent (including punch and kick strength, special move strength, defense, and stamina). Along with the standard single-player Story Mode and two-player Versus Mode, the game includes a special version of Story Mode (called "Easy Mode") with easier opponents and no passwords.


  • Sledge, Hero of Earth ("Sledge, The Brassy Hero" in the Japanese version)
  • Layban, Military Defender ("Layban, Deserter Brasshat" in the Japanese version)
  • Amon, Heavy Metal King
  • Daisy, Dancing Plant
  • P. Lump, Fat Bomber ("P. Lump, Fatty Bomber" in the Japanese version)
  • Grimrock, Dizzen Lizard ("Grimrock, Beast Trooper" in the Japanese version)
  • Nuform, Living Liquid("LC-38X, Liquid Creature" in the Japanese version)
  • Shadow, Left Hand of Evil (unplayable sub-boss and the game's mirror match opponent, "Shadow, Left Hand of God" in the Japanese version)
  • Ashura, Right Hand of Evil (unplayable sub-boss, "Ashura, Right Arm of God" in the Japanese version)
  • Main, Magical Lord (unplayable final boss, "DZ-Main, The Brazen God" in the Japanese version)