Mario Party-e

Mario Party-e

An iteration of the Mario Party franchise for the Nintendo e-Reader.


Mario Party-e was released for the short-lived Nintendo e-Reader on February 7, 2003. Mario Party-e was a collection of 64 different cards that, if scanned in the e-Reader, could be different minigames played on the Game Boy Advance. The minigames are similar to other Mario Party games; such as Mario Party Advance. Mario Party-e also contained a Play Mat, for play without the e-Reader. GamePro packaged an extra card called the Two Coin Card with one issue of their magazine. It is not technically an e-Reader card (as it had no dot codes), but was still completely compatible with Mario Party-e.

The Play Mat that was packaged with the game allowed for varying game types. A two-player game had them using 58 cards to form the deck. A three-player game uses 61 cards. A four-player games uses all 64 cards. The game can be played with more players, but there needs to be a second set of cards used. Each player gets five cards. Players can either use or discard cards when it comes to be their turn. If choosing to play the card, then players follow instructions on said card. The game continues until a player uses a "Superstar" card (which there are four total of).


There are eleven minigames that can be scanned into the e-Reader and then played on the Game Boy Advance. These minigames are one of three types: Free Challenge, Wonder Challenge, or Duel Challenge.

Free Challenge

  • Cast Away Mario!
  • Mario's Mallet
  • Daisy's Rodeo!
  • Fast Feed Yoshi!

Wonder Challenge

  • Lakitu's Luck
  • Spinister Bowser

Duel Challenge

  • Bolt From Boo
  • Time Bomb Ticks!
  • Waluigi's Reign
  • Wario's Bluff
  • Balloon Burst