Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Based on the comic book series of the same name, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter combines traditional fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay with numerous exploration and platforming elements.


Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (known in Japan as Jikuu Senshi Turok) is a sci-fi first-person shooter developed by Iguana Entertainment and published by Acclaim for the Nintendo 64 on March 4, 1997, with a Japanese release on March 28, 1997. It was later ported to Windows PCs on November 26, 1997.

Based on the Valiant comic book series of the same name, Turok builds on traditional run-and-gun first-person shooters with numerous exploration and platforming elements, including jumping puzzles, a lives system, and an open-ended hub. It is also known for its various weaponry, including the low-tech hunting bow (which can also fire high-tech explosive bolts), the modern gatling gun, and the futuristic plasma rifle.

Players control a mysterious Native American warrior known as Turok, thrust into a mysterious, savage, and timeless world known as the Lost Land. An evil cyborg overlord, known as the Campaigner, has amassed a large army and is seeking an ancient artifact, known as the Chronoscepter, in order to shred the fabric of time and conquer the universe. It's up to Turok to battle single-handed against the Campaigner's armies of aliens, natives, and beasts.

Although the game was based more on the 1993-1996 comic series (prior to Valiant's acquisition from Acclaim to become Acclaim Comics), the game's lore was further expanded in the manual, where it is revealed that "Turok" is a mantle passed down through generations of Saquins and is responsible for safeguarding the barrier between Earth and the Lost Land. An in-manual comic, known as "The Way of the Warrior: An Adventure of Turok", describes the in-game Turok as "Tal'set Tan'celle'nyo" and shows his modern descendant Joshua Fireseed, who later becomes the protagonist of the game's sequel. Joshua is also shown on the game's box art instead of the playable Turok.

The game later received a re-mastered PC port by Nightdive, released digitally on December 17, 2015. Built on the studio's Kex Engine, this port features a new graphics renderer (with new effects), a new UI system, compatibility for modern systems, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and Steam Workshop support (with an included level editor). This version was later ported to the Mac on February 23, 2016, Xbox One on March 2, 2018, Linux on May 24, 2018, and Nintendo Switch on March 18, 2019 (with a limited-edition physical release by Limited Run on August 16, 2019).


Turok travels through various levels in search of keys which are used in order to travel to the next world via a hub. The game mixes platforming elements, with first person action and puzzle solving. Turok travels through jungles, underwater caverns, catacombs, ancient cities, and, in the end of the game, he adventures through the Campaigner's fortress. Players can acquire extra weapons placed throughout the levels of the game as well as runes which give them extra lives. The weapons also have the option for alternate ammo, such as explosive shotgun rounds and explosive arrows for the tek bow.


The game includes a variety of low-tech, modern, and high-tech weaponry. Players always start with the Knife and Tek Bow (with standard arrows).

Like other first-person shooters of the era, players can hold down the Fire button on most weapons (the exceptions being the Tek Bow, Particle Accelerator, and Chronoscepter) to continuously fire regardless of the weapon's firing style. In addition, weapons do not have to be reloaded manually.

  • Knife - The game's standard close-range melee weapon, good for clearing out weaker enemies. When underwater, Turok automatically switches to his Knife and cannot use any other weapon.
  • Tek Bow (Arrows / Tek Arrows) - The game's standard long-range weapon, allowing players to charge up their shot (drawing back the bow) for additional distance and damage. Players can also pick up additional "Tek Arrows" which are fitted with high-tech explosive tips, though they cannot use standard arrows until they run out of Tek Arrows.
  • Pistol (Bullets) - Standard semi-automatic firearm that, while weak, is easily controllable for less wasteful ammo consumption.
  • Shotgun (Shells / Explosive Shells) - Standard pump-action shotgun that is best used in close quarters. Players can also pick up additional "Explosive Shells" which deal powerful explosive damage (with less scatter), although they cannot use standard shells until they run out of Explosive Shells.
  • Automatic Shotgun (Shells / Explosive Shells) - Known in-game as "Auto Shotgun". Fully-automatic shotgun. A faster-firing, but less controllable, version of the Shotgun.
  • Pulse Rifle (Energy Cells) - A rapid-fire plasma rifle that fires accurate, slower-moving bursts of damaging plasma.
  • Minigun (Minigun Ammo) - Rapid-fire gatling gun with a very fast firing rate and limited ammunition (which can only be found by the box-full).
  • Grenade Launcher (Grenades) - Launcher that fires a single explosive grenade that explodes after a few seconds (or on impact with an enemy).
  • Alien Rifle (Energy Cells) - Fires accurate anti-matter charges that deal an energy explosion on impact. Each shot uses 5 cells.
  • Quad Rocket Launcher (Rockets, in packs of 4) - Known in-game as "Rocket Launcher". Standard and powerful launcher that fires four rocket-propelled grenades at once in a helix pattern.
  • Particle Accelerator (Energy Cells) - Known in-game as "Shockwave Weapon". A powerful and precise railgun that can be charged up for more destructive blasts. Has three charge levels: quick (blue, uses 2 cells), medium (purple, uses 4 cells), and long (yellow, uses 8 cells).
  • Fusion Cannon (Fusion Charges) - Although it is slow-to-fire, this launcher fires a ball of energy that, after a few seconds, causes a nuclear detonation that obliterates all nearby enemies (while leaving Turok intact). Players can only carry 2 shots at a time, and pickups are very rare.
  • Chronoscepter - Misspelled in-game as "Chronosceptor". A deadly artifact that launches a devastating explosion after being charged up. Only usable (without cheat codes) in the final battle against the Campaigner, this weapon only has three total uses and must be constructed beforehand by collecting all eight pieces of the weapon that is scattered throughout the campaign.


  • Health - Basic color-coded pickup that restores health. Silver health (+2% Health) is the most common found, can be dropped by enemies, gives only 2% health, and can be used to overheal (up to 250%). Blue health (+25% Health) is less commonly found and gives 25% health (up to full health). Orange health (Full Health) is rarely found and restores the player's full health. Gold health (Ultra Health) is also rarely found, gives 100% health, and can also overheal (up to 250%).
  • Life Force - Pickups that adds to the player's Life Force points. Similar to Coins from Super Mario Bros., collecting 100 points resets the counter while granting an extra Life. Yellow pickups are commonly found and grant 1 point, while purple pickups are less commonly found and grant 10 points.
  • Tek Armor - Uncommon pickup that grants +25% Armor. While Turok has Armor active, all incoming damage is reduced by one-third and is applied to the Armor instead.
  • Backpack - Rare pickup that doubles the capacity for the player's Bullets, Shells, and Rockets and increases the reserves for Grenades and Fusion Shells. Discarded (along with the extra ammo) when Turok dies.
  • Spiritual Invincibility - Rare pickup that grants 30 seconds of temporary invincibility while slowing enemies and projectiles down to a crawl.
  • Mortal Wound - Only found in the Easy and Medium difficulties. Rare pickup acquired randomly by killing enemies with the Knife and with standard Tek Bow arrows. Fully heals Turok and increases the full health maximum by +5%, up to +20%.


Humanoid Infantry

  • Poacher
  • Campaigner Soldier
  • Campaigner Sergeant
  • Ancient Warrior
  • High Priest
  • Alien Infantry
  • Demon
  • Demon Lord
  • Cyborg
  • Cyborg Sergeant

Harmful Wildlife

  • Raptor
  • Leaper
  • Giant Beetle
  • Pur-Lin
  • Giant Dragonfly
  • Dimetrodon
  • Killer Plant
  • Triceratops
  • Subterranean
  • Sludge Beast

Heavy Robotic

  • Attack Robot
  • Turret


  • Longhunter
  • Mantis
  • T-Rex
  • Campaigner


  1. The Hub Ruins
  2. The Jungle
  3. The Ancient City
  4. The Ruins
  5. The Catacombs
  6. Treetop Village
  7. The Lost Land
  8. The Final Confrontation

Regional Difference

In Germany the game had it's human adversaries censored into robots.