Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit

A Tie-in game to the popular Wallace & Gromit feature Film, The Curse of the Were Rabbit is a Platforming game for the PS2 and Xbox with open world elements starring the popular British claymation Characters Wallace and Gromit.


Loosely set before and around the events of Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit, players find Wallace and Gromit setting up Anti-Pesto, a pest disposal business that is tasked by the local townsfolk to defend their garden produce from Rabbits in the run up to the Giant Vegetable Competition.  


Players take the role of either Wallace, Gromit, or Hutch (in sections of the game set at night) - a rabbit that Wallace accidentally transferred his thought patterns into with his Mind-O-Matic invention - as they fulfil various tasks for characters from the movie, such as Lady Tottington, Victor Quartermaine and various members of the local townspeople. Completing these tasks, as well as other bonus objectives throughout the game will earn the player Cards, which will advance the game's story. Players can visit Mr. Caliche's shop in order to buy items to help Gromit grow his Marrow for the Vegetable Competition, and are occasionally helped out by the fortune teller Madame Winnie Bago, who acts as the game's Hints and Tips mechanic.
Based around a hub-area - Wallace and Gromit's terrace house in West Wallaby Street - the game world is split into 4 areas:  The Town Centre of Wallersy, Grimsley Harbour, An Industrial area and Tottington Hall, the large country residence of Lady Tottington. Each of these areas can also be visited at night time, however players must play as Hutch rather than Wallace. Wallace, Gromit and Hutch's primary 'weapon' in the game is the BunGun, another of Wallace's zany inventions. The BunGun is used to suck up Rabbits and transport them through a system of Sewers to Wallace and Gromit's basement, where the duo are storing the rabbits until after the Giant Vegetable Competition. After nightfall, Hutch and Gromit use their BunGuns to fight several were creatures, storing 'Were Energy' inside them so they can fight more the creatures.