Miner 2049er

Miner 2049er

Control Bounty Bob as he avoids mutants and attempts to catch Yukon Yohan in this classic platformer.


Miner 2049er is an action platformer for many early computer systems. The game was originally released for the Atari 400/800 and ported to other platforms afterwards.


Players take control of Bounty Bob while trying touch every square of every platform to color them in and complete the level. Tricky platforming, teleporters, slides, and mutants appear in the game's different levels as obstacles.

Mutants, by default, kill Bounty Bob with one touch. By collecting various objects in the environment (shovels, irons, etc.) the mutants turn from color-shifting murderous creatures to green. When the mutants are green, Bob can touch them to kill them, removing them from the level. This is somewhat like Pac-Man's power pellets.