Ken's Labyrinth

Ken's Labyrinth

When Sparky the dog is kidnapped by aliens, his owner chases after them to rescue his dog.


Ken's Labyrinth is a first-person shooter developed for the PC by Ken Silverman. It was released in 1993 by Epic Megagames. The game consisted of three episodes; the first episode was released as the shareware version, the other two episodes could be obtained for $30.

The game was about an ordinary man, heavily implied to be Ken Silverman himself, who wakes up one night to discover that his dog has been kidnapped by aliens. He tags along on their ship and ends up on their homeworld, where he must defeat the murderous creatures and rescue his beloved pet.


Ken's Labyrinth was later released as freeware on November 16th, 1999. Since then it has been modded and ported to other platforms by the fan community. A port called "LAB3D/SDL" was created by Jan Lönnberg which allows the game to be played on modern Windows and Linux systems. Also, a modified version of this port, including high resolution textures was created by Jared Stafford.