Mashed: Fully Loaded

Mashed: Fully Loaded

Mashed: Fully Loaded is the expanded release of the original Mashed: Drive to Survive. Race against CPU opponents or friends. Use all manner of weapons to blow stuff up and avoid being blown up yourself. Mortars, Missile launchers, Flamethrowers, Drum bombs and more are the key to winning.


Mashed: Fully Loaded is an expanded re-release of Mashed: Drive to Survive, featuring new maps, tournaments, and gameplay mechanics designed to make the multiplayer component of the game more enjoyable and accessible. The game came out around 2 years after the original and was created by the same development team at Supersonic Software Ltd.

New Features

Mashed: Fully Loaded boasted several new features and improvements over the original game designed to make it more enjoyable, these include:

  • 6 New training modes offering an additional hour of gameplay
  • 3 New tournaments - 'Turbo', 'Ice' and 'Night'
  • Improved power-up pickup system, allowing players to be able to collect power-ups more easily and not having to drive directly over them
  • Improved camera system, particularly noticeable in multiplayer matches
  • All new special effects and a graphical overhaul to make the game run more smoothly and look better across all platforms