The Battle of Olympus

The Battle of Olympus

The Battle of Olympus is a side scrolling action adventure game with elements of Zelda II and Metroid. The player controls Orpheus, out on a mission to save his love Helene from the clutches of Hades, however the other gods are ready to help you.


The Battle of Olympus (JP: "Olympus no Tatakai: Ai no Densetsu", or "The Battle of Olympus: Legend of Love") is a side-scrolling action-adventure game for the NES. The player navigates a world based on Ancient Greek legend, visiting various Greek gods and goddesses to gain their approval while fighting typical mythological monsters like the Cyclops and Minotaurs.

The game features a similar style to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

There was a Game Boy version of the game released only in Europe in 1993. It was developed by Radical Entertainment. The Game Boy port of the game is very similar to the NES version, changing the graphics to fit the Game Boy system.


The game begins with an overworld map displaying the eight locations Orpheus can visit: Phrygia, Phthia, Attica, Argolis, Peloponnes, Laconia, Crete, and the starting area, Arcadia. The player cannot use the map to choose the next location, it is only there to display the current location.


The layout of the world is similar to Metroid, where there are no set levels, just areas which are all connected together.

Towns are also set up similar to Zelda II, in that entering a house will allow the player to talk to NPCs will provide, occasionally cryptic, advice. There is no separation between towns and places where enemies can be fought: Each area contains both.


Fighting enemies can result in item drops such as olives, which are used as currency in shops, and bay leaves, which are used to restore health. Some bosses will drop items needed to progress further in the game as well.

Another important task is to seek out the gods who will give Orpheus crucial upgrades.

Completing certain tasks will allow Orpheus to enter new areas that were inaccessible before.


The story takes place in Ancient Greece. Orpheus, the hero, discovers the truth behind the death of his love Helene, who was supposedly poisoned but was really kidnapped by Hades, the god of the underworld. Upon hearing this, Orpheus sets out to save her with the gods assisting him.