Amplitude is a music/rhythm game and is the sequel to 2001's Frequency. Like its predecessor, players play songs by hitting notes on multiple tracks representing each instrument found in the song.


Amplitude is a PS2-exclusive rhythm game developed by Harmonix and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a direct sequel to 2001's Frequency, Harmonix's first console music/rhythm game. Amplitude improves upon a number of points from Frequency, boasting a larger and better soundtrack, refined gameplay, better environments and deeper character customization. It was released on March 24, 2003 in North America and in Europe on September 26, 2003.

Amplitude was well-received by critics and praised for it's incredibly addictive, challenging gameplay and excellent, varied soundtrack. It also fared better commercially, selling far better than Frequency.

Amplitude's online servers are closed as of February 26, 2007.


Gameplay in Amplitude
Gameplay in Amplitude

Amplitude is a rhythm game that has the player hit notes scrolling down an arc-shaped chart track split into multiple sections. Each lane on the chart represents a different instrument in the song and players must 'activate' the instrument by hitting all the notes in a two-bar sequence. Activating a track will play that instrument for a set duration while missing a note in a sequence will skip the current sequence, requiring the player to re-try the next one. Playing sequences from lane to lane without missing a beat will build a multiplier. The end goal of the game is to attain the highest score while activating all of the tracks. Missing a sequence will cause the player to lose their current multiplier as well as making them lose a percentage of their health meter. When the whole meter depletes, it's game over. Amplitude also has a handful of Power-ups for the player to use in a song. Like the currently-found Star Power/Overdrive functions, the notes on the charts are replaced by different shapes (The shape varies depending on the power-up) for half of a sequence. If the player hits all of the shaped-notes, the power-up is awarded to the player and can be used once. A power-up unlocks as the player progresses through the solo career and are as follow:

Power-up NamePower-up DescriptionPower-up Appearance
Auto-Blaster Automatically activates a lane when triggered. A green square
Freestyle Empties the track and allows the player to "Freestyle" a short remix by hitting buttons and holding the Analog Stick in different directions. Freestyling will allow the player to score 10 points every few seconds the power-up is active and can be combined with multipliers for higher score possibilities. A white triangle
Score Doubler Doubles the score (not the multiplier) for a set duration. A yellow star
Slow-Mo Slows down the song to allow easier playing of harder sequences. A purple square
Bumper (Multiplayer Only)Throws an opponent off of his current track. A red... thing
CripplerDistorts the an opponent's track. A yellow semi-circle

Amplitude features a host game follows which go as follow:


The main mode of play. Players progress through a 5-tier campaign with a created DJ called "Freqs", unlocking new songs, power-ups and Freq customization options. Players go through the game's Solo campaign by playing three songs, then beating an unlockable boss song. Points scored in each tier are tallied at the end and unlock a bonus song when past a certain amount. Each tier is based on a style or genre of music, which are (in order): Neotropolis (Starter Songs), Beat Factory (Beat-music), Metaclouds (Rock), Elektro Kore (Electronica/Techno) and Blastlands (High-BPM Electro/Rock).


There are two modes of play for multiplayer, those being Splitscreen or Online. Both play the same. Players duel against each other, trying to unlock the most tracks and scoring as many points as possible. The points are tallied and the player with the most points wins.

Remix Mode

Remix Mode is less of a game mode and more of a song editor. This mode allows players to take any track they've unlocked in the game and create remixes by placing notes down on the game's note chart. Each track can be tuned to obtain different kinds of sounds. Players can then save their remixes and play them in a solo-mode or could upload them online on Amplitude's servers, allowing other players to download and play the remixes alone or against others.



Artist NameSong Title / YouTube Link
P.O.D.Boom (The Crystal Method Mix)
GarbageCherry Lips
Quarashi Baseline
Chris Child ft. Melissa Kaplan (Boss Song)Shades of Blue
Logan 7 (Bonus Song)Uptown Saturday Night

Beat Factory

Artist NameSong Title / YouTube Link
Run-DMCKing of Rock
The Baldwin Brothers Urban Tumbleweed
WeezerDope Nose
David Bowie (Boss Song)Everyone Says "Hi" (Metro Mix)
Freezepop * (Bonus Song)Super Sprøde


Artist NameSong Title / YouTube Link
Pink Respect
Papa Roach M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)
Mekon ft. Roxanne Shante What's Going On
Herbie Hancock (Boss Song)Rockit (2.002 Remix)
The Production Club (Bonus Song)Rockstar

Elektro Kore

Artist NameSong Title / YouTube Link
DJ HMX ft. Plural *Cool Baby
BT ft. Wildchild Kimosabe
ManchildNitro Narcosis
Slipknot (Boss Song)I Am Hated
Game Boyz (Bonus Song) Push


Artist NameSong Title / YouTube Link
Blink-182The Rock Show
Dieselboy Subculture (Dieselboy Kaos Rock Remix)
Akrobatik vs. Symbion Project *Out of the Box
Symbion Project * (Boss Song)Synthesized
Komputer Kontroller * (Bonus Song)Robot Rockerz
Cosmonaut Zero *, ** (Bonus Song)Spaztik
  • Underlined songs were written exclusively for Amplitude.
  • * - These songs, despite being under different artists, are all made by Kasson Crooker, a Harmonix employee and one of the founders of popular synthpop band Freezepop.
  • ** - This song is only unlockable on Insane difficulty.