Crime Life: Gang Wars

Crime Life: Gang Wars

Take control of Tre, a member of a gang called "The Outlawz", who are trying to rise to the top of the criminal underworld.


Crime Life: Gang Wars is a free-roaming action game similar to the GTA universe. Released Nov 11th, 2005 in Europe, November 22th, 2005 in North America. Developed by Hothouse Creations and published by Konami, available on the PC, Playstation 2 and Xbox.


You play as Tre, the main character, living in a fictional city by the name of Grand Central City, which is in a whole mess of trouble due to rampant gang wars. Tre is a member of the Outlawz gang, who were once the most powerful gang in the city but are now threatened by a rival gang known as the Headhunterz. 

Tre and the Outlawz are out to get their spot as top dog back, when Tre finds out that the leader is planning to betray them and join the Headhunterz. Tre kills the leader and assumes the spot of top dog, and after that he has to kill all of the Headhunterz. Tre is shot at close range in his final battle, but when the police arrive, his body is gone, indicating that he survived or was carried away for a funeral.


Similar to the GTA games, Crime Life: Gang Wars contains the usual entourage of weapons, baseball bats, lead pipes, hammers and guns. Unlike GTA, Crime Life: Gang Wars holds alot of emphasis on gang street fights involving many gangmembers at once. It is also worth noting that the player cannot drive cars to move around the city. The player doesn't walk the streets alone, but instead is followed by an entourage that assists him in battles. The player is able to pick up objects from the ground and use them as weapons. Once an enemy has been brought down to his last few bits of health the player can perform executions. These are incredibly violent, and the animations for them differ depending on which weapon the player is using and from which angle they are performed. The player can recover health by visiting various fastfood restaurants that are located in every part of the city. Crime Life: Gang Wars contains around 25 missions as well as a variety of freeplay missions. The player can find tags of rival gangs and spray them over. There are various methods of earning money, ranging from mugging pedestrians to burglaries. Crime Life: Gang Wars -like the GTA series- has harsh violence and language, but unlike most GTA games the player must protect his own people from exploitation and abuse, and defend his crew from violence and treachery that permeates the society he lives in. The soundtrack for Crime Life: Gang Wars is solely devoted to Hip-Hop/Rap styled music.