Shrek Super Party

Shrek Super Party

In this party game, players traverse a board game representation of five different realms, all which are locations from the film. Players then take turns battling it out in different mini games all in the pursuit of "Precious Drops," the winning factor of the game.


Before competing in a game, you must select a character to play with. These characters are playing to collect precious drops to throw into the wishing well and be granted one wish. Each character has his/her own specific wish.

  • Shrek wants to be left alone by all the fairytale creatures.
    The wishing well used to make wishes come true
    The wishing well used to make wishes come true
  • Princess Fiona longs to be rescued by her true love.
  • Donkey wants a good friend.
  • Thelonius would like a nice vacation in the tropics.
  • Monsieur Hood wants to give his wish to the people.
  • Lord Farquaad will also "give his wish to the people."


Shrek: Super Party is broken up into five realms:

  • Windmill
  • Farm
  • Castle
  • Keep
  • Swamp

There is also a realm separate from the main five main realms, which is the Evil Bog. The Evil Bog is a sort of dungeon you are sent to when someone lands on the square you are occupying, or you land on a "Go to Bog" square. Escaping the bog will take you at least one turn and when you do, you will be brought back to the Town Square. Using the item "Pixie Dust" will take you to another Realm without having to go through the Town Square first.


Each Realm consists of six mini-games specific to the theme of that realm.


Blade Painters
Blade Painters
  • Blade Painters: Team oriented. The player(s) must paint the windmill blades by flinging buckets of paint at them to earn points. Hitting a painted blade removes its colour and when when all for blades are painted with your specific colour, you receive bonus points. the blades of the windmill increases its increases rotation speed over time, making them more difficult to hit.
  • Glider Pilots: Pilot you glider and shoot balloons to earn points. You earn more points by popping successive balloons.
  • Lily Pad Leap: You must control your character and jump on lily pads to earn points. Flowered pads are worth bonus points and the longer you stay out of the water, the more points you earn.
  • Duck & Dodge: Jump, duck and dodge obstacles to earn points. The more obstacles you avoid, the higher your score.
  • Sewer Rats: Here, you must pick up the rats and return them to the sewer. You attain points for catching a rat, and even more for returning them to the sewer; rats returned to the sewer from a further distance are worth more.
  • Squirt-a-Snake: Points are gained by shooting water into a snake's mouth until its tail rings a bell. The more water you fill the snake with, the more points earned; the game ends if someone makes the bell ring.


Chick Magnet. Watch out for them chicks!
Chick Magnet. Watch out for them chicks!
  • Food Fling: Players attempt to launch various food items across the valley onto the target on top of a hill. The closer you get to the centre, the more points you earn.
  • Peashooters: Shoot the beans off the beanstalk with your peashooter. Hitting the beans while they are in the air gets you bonus points and you can push other players to keep them from scoring.
  • Chick Magnet: Here, you must earn points by collecting eggs. Eggs left unattended will eventually hatch into chicks and they will attempt to impede your progress. Jumping eggs are worth the most, spinning eggs are worth less, and new eggs are worth the least.
  • Onion Rings: Team oriented. Earn points by throwing onions over a fence and catching them. The longer an onion is in play the more points it's worth, the bigger it gets, and the smaller the target appears. If the onion is dropped, you get nothing.
  • Petal Plucker: In this game, players must keep bees off of flowers by spaying them. The faster you spray a bee after it lads on a flower, the more point you gain.
  • Trough Dunk: Throw apples in an attempt to knock down another player that is the target. After knocking the player down you switch roles and gain points for the amount of time taken to knock the player down.


  • Barrel Rollers: Your characters hop on barrels and attempt to roll over and squash knights into the mud. Faster, smaller knights are with more points than the bigger slower ones.
  • Spilt Milk: In this mini-game you have to throw your milk bottles at the other players. Greater accuracy and range will earn you more points per hit.
  • Castle Crumble: Team oriented. Here, you knock pucks into the opposite wall in order to bring it down. Bricks at the very top of the wall are worth the most points. Earn bonus points for shooting a puck through the gaps in the wall.
  • Scooter Scramble: Avoid obstacles and stay ahead of the other players as long as you can. When the bell rings, whoever is furthest along, wins.
  • Royal Ropes: Move around the ring, bouncing against everyone you can. Points are gained by bumping into another player harder than you were bumped. Collect the gems for bonus points.
  • Brick Blasters: Blow up the bricks! Break-up adjacent bricks of the same colour to get more points. Breaking-up the bricks lowers the platform and earns you bonus points. The game ends early if someone breaks-up all of their bricks.


Hidden Treasures. Try to match the gems!
Hidden Treasures. Try to match the gems!
  • Hidden Treasures: In this game you have to match the coloured gems. Open a chest of jewels and then find another chest with the same coloured jewels to earn points.The faster you make the match the more points you earn.
  • Bowl Me Over: Here you must collect gems as they grow. Bigger gems are worth more points. Players hit by the rolling ball ares stunned, and if you stun other players you earn bonus points.
  • Brimstone Bridge: You must avoid obstacles and race to the other side of the bridge with the fewest falls for the highest score.
  • Dragon's Breath: Avoid fireballs from the dragon, columns, and jagged holes. The longer you stay up the more points you earn per second.
  • Gem Maze: Team oriented. Run through a maze collecting as many gems as you can; each gem is worth one point.
  • Hopping Helmets: Dodge the helmets and attempt to kick them to hit other players and earn points.


  • Swinging Vines: You must jump between vines and try to catch as many fireflies as possible for points. The more players on a vine, the faster it descends, and the longer you keep from falling into the water the more points you earn per second.
    Mix Master P. Hit dem phat beats, son!
    Mix Master P. Hit dem phat beats, son!
  • Paddle Pushers: Team oriented. Press the correct buttons displayed on the screen to paddle your croc to the finish line first.
  • Fly Candy: Use your flycatcher to catch swarms of flies. Points gained from swarms of flies increase the longer you avoid snakebites. Swarms over the deep grass are worth twice as much.
  • Mix Master P: Hit the correct button when your coloured note lines up the note silhouette. The tighter your rhythm, the more points you earn. A bad button press will take the following note away from you.
  • Swamp Slalom: Race around the pond and pass through the gates for points. The longer your flag is, the higher the points for each gate.
  • Sticky Tongues: Here, you must catch the dragonflies and horseflies using your tongue. The smaller horseflies are worth more points than the dragonflies and fireflies will give you temporary indigestion.

The Evil Bog

The Evil Bog has two mini-games that can be played while being trapped there.

  • Bobbing Barrels: You must hop onto barrels with your colour on them to earn points. Barrels will stay your colour as long as you are on it. Bonus points can be earned by collecting gems along the way.
  • Bog Bubbles: Jump on coloured bubbles to pop them and earn points. Pop multiple bubbles of the same colour to earn bonus points.