A 4 MB rail-shooter game that makes use of the Super Scope peripheral.


Set in the bleak future, the defense computers of an entire planet have gone crazy. The player must fight them through seven levels with their trusty Super Scope. They face off against walkers and tanks before eventually taking down the master computer end boss.

X-Zone is one of a handful of SNES games that takes advantage of the Super Scope peripheral, which is required to play the game. As with its Super Scope contemporaries Bazooka Blitzkrieg and Battle Clash, the game is a light-gun rail shooter filled with futuristic robots and vehicles to shoot down.

Critical Reception

Electronic Gaming Monthly awarded X-Zone scores of 7,8,8,8 adding, "...the action is non-stop from the start and you really need to keep calm throughout each level. Only patience can win this game, as rockets come at you from every angle!".