Hot Shots Golf

Hot Shots Golf

Developed by Camelot Software Planning, Hot Shots Golf, known as Everybody's Golf internationally, was the first game in the franchise released on the Playstation and gives a humorous and cartoony look on golf.

Hot Shots Golf is an easy golf game to pick up and play developed by Camelot Software Planning and was released in 1998 on the Playstation. Offering a wide range of modes including stroke play, match play, mini-golf, tournament, and training. Several characters are locked at the beginning of the game but the player can unlock them by playing and beating them in the VS mode. For players who are not experienced in golf, a caddy mode is available which will pick the clubs for the player. There a total of six different courses with 18 holes each.

An experience system is used in Hot Shots Golf where the player earns experience points every time you complete a round of golf in any mode. Impressive feats on the golf course will also add experience points, such as hole-in-ones and long putts.

Hot Shots Golf is available for download on the Playstation Store.

Playable Characters

CharacterBall FlightPowerControlSpin