Supreme Warrior

Supreme Warrior

A FMV first-person martial arts game set in 16th century China, putting players into the role of a mysterious warrior set to defeat the warlords of the villainous Fang Tu.


Supreme Warrior is a historical-fantasy full motion video first-person action game developed and published by Digital Pictures for the Sega CD, Sega 32X CD, 3DO, PC, and Mac in 1994.

Set in China sometime in the late 16th century, players control a mysterious martial arts warrior who is tasked with protecting half of a magical mask from the villainous warlord Fang Tu. As the warrior defeats the warlord's lackeys and their bodyguards, the warrior gains additional powers to help in combat.

Similar to Digital Pictures's earlier FMV action game Prize Fighter, players participate in fight sequences with two sets of FMV video: one showing the warrior's position and enemy combatant and one showing the warrior's limbs. They must use careful timing and correct technique both to strike and to block enemy attacks.