Art of Fighting 2

Art of Fighting 2

The direct sequel to the original Art of Fighting, adding a more traditional single-player mode (where any character can be chosen) and an improved character roster.


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Art of Fighting 2 (known in Japan as Ryuuko no Ken 2, translated to "Fist of the Dragon and Tiger 2") is a 2D fighting game developed and released by SNK for arcades (running Neo Geo MVS hardware) on February 3, 1993.

The direct sequel to the original Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2 improves the character balance (adding new moves to all characters while making all of them playable in a more traditional single-player Story Mode) and adds new playable fighters (including the main protagonist's father Takuma Sakazaki and sister Yuri Sakazaki).

Along with a standard Neo Geo AES release (on March 11, 1994) and Neo Geo CD port (on September 9, 1994), the game later saw a Japan-only port for the Super Famicom (developed by Monolith and published by Saurus on December 21, 1994). The original version was later included in the Art of Fighting Anthology compilation for the PlayStation 2, and was digitally released on the Wii (via Wii Virtual Console) in 2008 (June 17 for Japan, July 11 for Europe, and July 28 for North America). It was also included in some Humble NEO GEO Bundles starting in late 2015 for the PC, Mac, and Linux (both downloadable, with ROMs included, and on modern browsers).


Art of Fighting 2 plays similarly to the original Art of Fighting. There is a punch and kick button, which gives either weak or strong punches depending on the distance from the opponent. The third button is the "utility" button, which either creates an uppercut punch or low kick (when combined with the punch and kick buttons), a throw, or a walljump. The fourth button is the taunting button. This game also features dashing forwards and backwards by pressing the joystick in either direction twice. Fireball attacks can be canceled using punches and kicks.

The game also includes the "spirit gauge" from the original Art of Fighting. The gauge lowers after the player performs a special/super move. The more powerful the move, the more the gauge depletes. The gauge also depletes when the opponent performs a taunt. The gauge can only be recharged manually by holding down either the punch, kick, or utility button. It will be in one of three colors (green, yellow, or red) depending on the amount left.

Unlike the prequel, every character is given a Super and "Desperation" move. Both super and desperation moves take up much of the rage gauge, but the desperation move can only be performed when the player has 20% life or less (as indicated by a flashing life bar). In single player, these moves can only be learned through a special bonus stage.

Each character is given more variety of moves, unlike the previous game where everybody except Ryo and Robert had limited variety of moves.


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