Mad Tracks

Mad Tracks

Racing game made by Load Inc released in 2006. Competitive race modes and various mini-games take place in real world and fantasy environments.

Mad Tracks is a racing game using miniature-style vehicles set in a 'big world' environment similar to games set in the Micro Machines universe.


Racing takes place against up to 8 AI controlled (with up to 4 human controlled vehicles) and can consist of straight point to point checkpoint based racing or more focused objective based tracks. Vehicle weapons or performance boosts can be picked up by driving over yellow question mark boxes which are scattered throughout every track. Each vehicle also has a limited supply of fuel indicated by an increasingly compressed coiled spring on screen which will re-fill once the gas button is fully depressed.

Single player is split into two modes Adventure and Arcade. In Adventure mode you are presented with a set of two races to choose from, which you must win to unlock the next set of two races. Arcade mode is a single event mode where you can play any of the tracks or modes you have unlocked in Adventure mode.

In multiplayer mode up to four players can play in split screen or over Xbox Live.

Race Modes / Challenge Types

  • Lap based checkpoint race
  • Point-to-Point checkpoint race
  • Elimination Race - Race laps of a track with the person in last place being eliminated from the race until a sole survivor remains.
  • Don't fall off - All vehicles are on a small raised platform, such as a table or top of a building. Using vehicle weapons knock all of the other vehicles off to win.
  • Point based challenge - Collect objects or push objects off of the platform to gain a point. The player with the most points when time runs out is the winner.
  • Foosball/Pool/Par 5 - Push the balls into the goals to gain a point
  • Beastie Balls - Set in a giant bowl - Avoid the ever increasing number of balls which are moving around the bowl to avoid elimination. The last player standing is the winner.
  • Target - Race your car up a ramp and try to land closest to the target.
  • Balloons - Drive over a the target balloon to change them all to your color to win.

Vehicle Weapons/Boosts

  • Rocket - Lock on vehicle weapon
  • Oil Slick - Leaves a slippery oil slick on the track behind you.
  • Barrels - Drops a number of barrels on the track causing an obstruction.
  • Boost - Gives you a speed boost.
  • Nasty Box - Places a normal looking 'pickup' box down on the track. Temporarily reverses left and right control when driven over.
  • Flash - Make a bright 'flash' of light appear on opponents screen.
  • Ice Cube - Locks onto opponent vehicle, when hit temporarily turns opponent into a difficult to control ice cube.
  • Spring Reset - Resets your fuel spring to max.
  • Electric Suction - Sets all opponent fuel springs to empty.
  • Shield - Protection against enemy weapons.
  • Mortar - Targets current 1st place.
  • Slow Motion - Slows down time for all opponents.