Return to Eden

Return to Eden

The second game in Level 9's science fiction trilogy dealing with the colonisation of the planet Eden.


Return to Eden was the first Level 9 game to feature graphics. Uniquely, these graphics were highly compressed, allowing for every location to have its own image rather than just a select few as was typical of rival interactive fiction game of the time.


The game picks up from the end of Snowball with protagonist Kim Kimberley having successfully saved the ship Snowball 9 and its crew awakened as it orbits the planet Eden. Unfortunately the crew now suspect Kim of having been the saboteur based on circumstantial evidence of the control room cameras and sentence her to death.

Kim manages to escape to the planets surface and so becomes the first human to arrive there, where robots have been attempting to build a city for the colonists despite the hostile alien plant life of Eden's jungle constantly disrupting their efforts.

This battle has led to the robots becoming somewhat erratic, and when the colonists attempt to use the damaged starships main drive to burn Kim on the surface they interpret this as a hostile action.