Destroyer is a 2D naval simulation game set in World War II. As a captain of a U.S. a Fletcher-class destroyer the player must navigate his ship to victory over the course of several missions.


During gameplay, the player can hop into any one of several different crew positions at any time. The available crew positions include:

  • Navigation
  • Bridge
  • Observation deck
  • Radar station
  • Sonar station
  • Anti-aircraft gun station (port & starboard)
  • Torpedo station (port & starboard)
  • Deck gun station
  • Depth charge station
  • Damage control station

If any important events occur elsewhere on the ship (for example, enemy activity has been spotted on the sonar, or ship damage has been sustained), the player is informed via a scrolling ticker message, so that the player can switch to the appropriate crew station to handle the problem appropriately.