Kirby: Squeak Squad

Kirby: Squeak Squad

The Squeaks have stolen Kirby's cake. It's time to get it back.


D-Pad: Movement. Up makes Kirby inhale air to fly. Down ducks and eats inhaled enemies.
A: Jump. Flying when already in the air. Y can also be used to jump
B: Inhale/exhale enemies and use abilities.
X: Throw away current ability. Select can also be used to do this.
Down A (or B): Kirby slides along the ground damaging enemies.


Kirby can get a wide variety of powers by eating enemies. These abilities can be upgraded by finding scrolls hidden throughout the game. The abilities are as follows:
  • Hammer

A hammer that can be used to hit enemies with B. B in the air makes Kirby swing the hammer all around him. B while running will make Kirby spin around with the hammer. Up B makes Kirby do an uppercut with the hammer. Scroll ability: Hold B to charge a hit and increase the size of the hammer.

  • Hi-Jump

Kirby gets a cape. B makes Kirby jump high into the air. Scroll Ability: Damages enemies touched while jumping.

  • Wheel

Kirby gets a baseball cap. B transforms Kirby into a wheel that goes much faster than running and damages enemies. Scroll Ability: If going through fire, electricity or ice, the wheel will get infused with that element.

  • Cupid

Kirby gets wings and a halo and uses the wings to fly instead of inhaling air. B makes Kirby fire an arrow. The shot can be charged. Scroll Ability: B while dashing makes Kirby fire three arrows straight ahead.

  • Magic

Kirby gets a top hat. B sends out three doves, damaging enemies. Forward B sends out playing cards, damaging enemies. Up B a clown head comes out of the hat damaging enemies. Scroll Ability: Hold B and get a random powerup.

  • Ninja

Can throw shurikens with B, slash enemies with a knife with forward B, dive kick with down B while in the air, throw enemies with forward B when close to an enemy, cling to walls and walk on water. Scroll Ability: Hold B to unleash fire in the area surrounding Kirby.

  • Spark

Press B to surround Kirby in electricity. Press the D-pad rapidly in various directions to create static electricity and lets you create electricity in a larger area. Scroll Ability: The static electricity can be charged to a level where it will hurt enemies.

  • Metal

Kirby becomes metal. This makes invunlerable, but also very slow and heavy. B in the air makes Kirby crash downwards. Scroll Ability: Press B to become a metal ball.

  • Bubble

Kirby can create bubbles which damage enemies. Enemies killed with this ability have their ability encapsuled in a bubble. Scrool ability: Press forward B to create a big bubble. 

  • Animal

Press B to slash enemies, B while dashing to jump forwards and slash any enemies you hit. Use B to dig in  diggable spots. Scroll Ability: Press Left, Right or Down B in the air to charge in that direction.

  • Fighter
  • U.F.O.
  • Sword

A sword that can be used to attack enemies. Press B repeadetly for a lot of sword strikes. Up B to jump into the air and do a downward slash. Scroll Ability: Combine with Fire, Ice or Spark to create Fire Sword, Ice Sword and Thunder Sword.

  • Laser

B fires a laser that will ricochet off slopes. Scroll Ability: Hold B to charge the laser and create a more powerful shot.

  • Cutter

Press B to throw a blade, damaging enemies. Use up and down to change the direction to throw in. Scroll Ability: Blade is bigger and is easier to control.

  • Parasol

Kirby carries a parasol, which makes him fall slowly and damages enemies who touch it. Press B to swing the parasol. Scroll Ability: Press and hold B to hold the parasol forwards and shoot small stars out of it, damaging enemies.

  • Sleep

Kirby falls asleep. The ability disappears upon waking up. Scroll Ability: Recover a small amount of health while sleeping.

  • Fire

B makes Kirby breath fire. B while dashing makes Kirby transform into a fireball and dash forward. Scroll Ability: The fire breath can be controlled up and down

  • Beam

Press B to make a beam like the one Waddle Doos attack with. Scroll Ability: The beam looks different and deals more damage.

  • Tornado

Press B to become a tornado. Hold B to go up while being a tornado. Scroll Ability: Combine with fire?

  • Bomb

Kirby can throw bombs. Scroll Ability: Combine with Ice or Spark to create Ice Bomb or Thunder Bomb.

  • Ice

B makes Kirby breathe out cold air, freezing enemies. Scroll Ability: The ice breath can be controlled up and down

  • Throw

Kirby gets a blue headband. Kirby can still inhale enemies and blocks, but instead of swallowing them he'll hold it. Throw held items with the D-Pad and B. Scroll Ability: Thrown enemies deal more damage.

  • Ghost

Kirby becomes a ghost. Press B to charge forward and possess enemies.

  • Triple Star

Kirby gets a staff and three stars twirl around him. Press B to swing the staff and send a star forward. The stars hurt enemies.