Revengers of Vengeance

Revengers of Vengeance

A high-fantasy fighting game developed for the Sega CD from Micronet. It features a robust story mode with RPG elements.


Revengers of Vengeance (known in Japan as Battle Fantasy) is a high-fantasy fighting game developed and published by Micronet for the Sega CD in Japan on April 15, 1994, with a North American release by Extreme Entertainment Group sometime in 1994.

The second fighting game developed by the studio for the Sega CD (after Black Hole Assault), Revengers of Vengeance is set in a fantasy world where several warriors seek to find out who is capable of destroying the leader of a demonic force. Along with a standard "arcade" mode, the game features a story mode with robust RPG elements. It also features animated cutscenes with full voice acting.


The game includes three game modes to choose from:

  • The Tournament is both the game's traditional one-player "arcade" and two-player "versus" modes.
  • Arena of Death is a twist on a CPU-vs-CPU spectator mode, where players create their own AI player and adjust their playstyle in multiple categories (such as how aggressive they are, how often they jump/crouch, and how often they use special attacks).
  • The Quest to Destroy Venum is the game's one-player story mode, where players are tasked with leveling-up and training their chosen character within 200 in-game days in an attempt to defeat the game's final boss Venum. It features numerous RPG elements, including an overworld system, stats, and currency. It also features "Guild Quest" mini-games that turn the game into a top-down action game.


  • Organa (Lepiear in the JP version) - An elven warrior and the guardian of the dense northern woods, seeking to restore her petrified animal friends.
  • Logan (Curkth in the JP version) - An armor-clad knight and the last warrior of his rampaged home city, seeking revenge.
  • Fuchida (Guy in the JP version) - A ninja who is sent on a mission to prove himself worthy of his master's training.
  • Sara (Salea in the JP version) - A martial artist seeking to avenge her master's death.
  • Magnus (Mcdile in the JP version) - A masked brawler seeking to restore his true form from a mysterious curse.
  • Daktar (Ordyne in the JP version) - A sorceress and rival to Venum, seeking to put an end to him once and for all.
  • Algos (Algoss in the JP version) - A dwarven warrior seeking to recover his tribe's magical ring.
  • Talon (Halier in the JP version) - A harpy who seeks to rescue her egg offspring.
  • Psybart - A hulking half-rhino beastman who is on a quest to meet his physical match.
  • Jado (sub-boss, unplayable)
  • Venum (final boss, unplayable, Xdark in the JP version)