Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2 was the first in what would become a long line of sequels to Nintendo's successful crack at the party game genre. Mario Party 2 included new boards and the same original six playable characters from the first game, along with a ton of new mini games.


Mario Party 2 is the second game in the Mario Party franchise. Mario Party 2 was released on January 24, 2000 in North America, December 17, 1999 in Japan, October 12, 2000 in Europe, and November 6, 2000 in Australia. The game was developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo (as with every other game in the franchise besides Mario Party-e). Mario Party 2 was generally well-received from critics, garnering an average review score of 76% from Game Rankings. The game was criticized for not differing much from its predecessor, however.

The plot of the game involves Mario and his friends creating a world called "Mario Land," but then Wario wants to call the world "Wario Land." They begin arguing over the name, with other characters introducing their own names. As this is happening, Bowser decides to try and invade the world. Whoever can defeat Bowser will get the world named after them.


One of the game's many four player minigames.
One of the game's many four player minigames.

The goal of Mario Party 2 is to gather the most stars before the end of the game. To do this, players are placed on a game board (similar to that of a real life board game) in which they travel spaces each turn, gathering coins and items to the ultimate goal of a star. Coins can also be gathered by participating in minigames. The winner is presented with a set amount of coins, while the losers are rewarded with nothing.

Mario Party 2 has several new features. Each character (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong) has a costume unique to each game board. So, depending on which board the game is on, the costume for the character changes to that certain theme. For example, if the players are in Space Land, then the characters will be dressed in space-related attire.

The game also adds new spaces to the game board. In addition to adding buildings (which have their own spaces on the game board), Mario Party 2 adds a Battle Space, Item Space, and Bank Space. The battle space will trigger a battle minigame, which are introduced in this game. The item space begins a minigame that allows the player to win an item. The bank space opens up the Koopa Bank, giving whoever stepped on the bank space all coins currently in the bank.

The minigames are what the Mario Party franchise is most known for. In addition to introducing the battle minigames, Mario Party 2 contains four player minigames, two versus two minigames, one versus three minigames, item minigames (triggered by the item space), and duel minigames. Four player minigames pit all four players into a free-for-all, two versus two is a team game with randomly selected teams, one versus three pits one player with an advantage versus the other three, and duel minigames are minigames between two players.

Critical Reception

"Even when you win, you lose, Mario Party..."

Jeff Gerstmann, (Mario Party Party 2)