The game continues after the movie with some Hulk smashing action and some stealth elements.


Hulk is an action brawler/stealth game developed by Radical entertainment. The game has you playing as both Hulk and Banner as Bruce tries to find a cure to Hulk. Despite being released at the same time as the movie, the events in Hulk take place directly after the events of the film.


The story begins where the film left off, after the battle in San Francisco Bruce Banner (believed to be dead) escapes to South America leaving Betty behind. Eight years pass and Bruce is still feeling the effects of gamma radiation. He returns to San Fransisco in search of a cure.


In the game you can play as Bruce Banner or the Hulk, you will need Bruce's brains in order to solve puzzles and the strength of Hulk when you need to smash some dudes into the ground, repeatedly.

Column Head 1Column Head 2
Bruce BannerBruce must use stealth to get through enemy compounds as he searches for a cure to his condition. Banner can do little to no damage and usually dies from one hit.
HulkAs expected, the Hulk gets through his levels by punching guys, weaponizing parts of the environment and throwing tanks. Hulk plays like most characters do in brawlers.


Invincibility GMMSKIN
Level Select TRUBLVR
Unlimited Continues GRNCHTR
Full Rage Meter ANGMNGT
Puzzle Solved BRCESTNN