Digimon Digital Card Battle

Digimon Digital Card Battle

Digimon: Digital Monsters brings the card game from Bandai to the PlayStation console.


Digimon: Digital Card Battle was released in 2001 for the PlayStation and allowed gamers to play the Digimon Trading Card game on their consoles. Each player had a deck of 30 cards, containing Digimon, support and digivolution cards. In-training and baby Digimon cards were not present in the game.


In Digital Card Battle, players can summon rookie Digimon to the playing field and attack one time per turn during their battle phase. In order to digivolve your DIgimon, players must sacrifice Digimon cards from their hand (meaning cards of actual Digimon, not support cards) in order to build up their "Digivolution Points". Once enough points are earned, a player can digivolve their Digimon during the digivolution phase of their turn.

Partner Cards

Sticking to classic Digimon tradition is partners. Since this is a card game, you chose from one of the three following partners:
  • Veemon
  • Armadillomon
  • Hawkmon
Your partner card is special and gains experience as you play through the game. In time, they will be able to armor digivolve, such as Veemon armor digivolving to Flamedramon. Partners can also have their attributes boosted as well with Digi-Parts. This will allow players to boost their partners HP, Attack Power, or Support Effects.