Stunt Racer 64

Stunt Racer 64

Stunt Racer 64 is a racing game, released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000. Developed by Boss Games Studio and published by Midway.


Stunt Racer 64 is a racing game, released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000. It was developed by Boss Game Studios and published by Midway.


Stunt Racer 64 is a retro-futuristic racer. It's a fairly standard arcade racer with a stunt mechanic. The singleplayer career mode consists of tournaments, each containing a few heats, and each heat consists of a few races. Races are won based on overall rank, at the end of every heat . Performing stunts grants the player credits, which can be spent to upgrade their cars, or purchase new ones. At the end of every heat, the racers with the lowest overall ranks are eliminated. If the player successfully makes it through all of the heats, they compete against the tournament "boss", driving a unique vehicle, and are often considerably harder than typical racers faced in that tournament.

The other single player modes are single races and stunt mode. Stunt mode is a score-attack mode on special courses in which the player must score as many stunt points as possible in a given time.

Multiplayer modes are available for up to four players, albeit with progressive loss of graphical fidelity and audio for each new player added. Stunt mode and single races can be played in multiplayer.


Soda Mountain

A ride up a mountain covered in candy and sweets : Gingerbread men, ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, etc. The qualifier at the beginning of the career takes place here.

Giant Toys

This course features toys galore, ranging from giant laughing Teddy Bears, to huge dancing Doll Houses, to a gigantic train set, and much more.

Medieval Mayhem

A race through a child's idea of Medieval times; firebreathing dragons, castles, and flailing battleaxes await.

Wild West Ruckus

It's the Old West: Indian villages, steam engines, tight turns through gold mines, and precarious drops make this course fairly challenging.

Tacky Tiki

A tropical island themed course; sharks, pirate ships, and clear blue ocean water are all here.

House Of Horrors

A night race in and out of a haunted house. Watch out, Frankenstein, a giant spider and the undead are all the racers.

Creepy Carnie

Firebreathing clowns, wild Ferris Wheels, rickety rollercoasters, and a deadly merry-go-round, what could go wrong?

Nautical Adventure

The only underwater race in SR64; submarine bases, schools of fish, and attacking sharks are all here.

Planet X

A nightmarish ride through an Orwellian space colony.

Space Race

A rollercoaster ride through space, featuring rocket ships, a huge city floating in space, and even a detour along a planet's rings.

Retro Metro

Retro Metro is a race through a city flying in the sky: high jumps, shortcuts, and harrowing drops make this course a challenge to beat.


A 4-way half-pipe, great for practicing stunts and tricks.

Stunt Bowl

Another stunt track, this course features ramps and slanted walls the player can drive on, a bit less suited to doing stunts as the player gets less air time off the ramps than on half-pipe.


When a new career is started, the player is able to select one of four starter cars, and as the player progresses and earns cash, other cars can be purchased. Once a bought car is fully upgraded, a "custom" version becomes available, with enhanced stats and more unique styling, these cars cannot be upgraded. Listed next to the car is it's custom equivalent.

Starter Cars

Z-Bucket - Hotrodded Ford Model T

Warbird Light - First gen. Ford Thunderbird

Del Raye - 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air/Impala

Stottlemeyer - 1950 Studebaker Commander

Purchasable Cars

Apollo 1 - 1956 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket

Surf South - "Woody" Station Wagon

Fuzz - 1954 Oldsmobile 88 Police Interceptor

Desperado - 1959 Cadillac Eldorado

Bumpkin - Ford Model A pickup truck

Scimitar - 1935 Mercedes-Benz 540K

Cockroach - Volkswagen Beetle

Hysterion - Plymouth Prowler

Unlockable Cars

Twisted Edge

A snowboard floating between a set of wheels. Unlocked by entering the name as BUCKYB in the career mode.

Milk Truck

An old style milk truck, with a hood air scoop. Unlocked if one names their character MOOOOO ( 5 O's) as their name at the beginning of career mode.

Automatron Deluxe

The Lincoln Futura concept car. Won by completing the first league.

Dreamy Super Jock

Sports car unlocked by beating the second league.

Midnight Hauler

A Tucker Torpedo won in the third league.

Burly Studmobile

A modified Rambler Marlin. Won by completing the fourth league.

The Wagon of Doom

A death-themed station wagon won by completing the final league.


A McLaren F1. It's the fastest car in the game, but is too heavy to get airborne. Unlocked by completing the final league.