Star Wars: Rebel Assault

Star Wars: Rebel Assault

LucasArts' showcase CD-ROM title at the time, Rebel Assault is an arcade-style FMV on-rails shooter following a rookie pilot throughout key events in the first Star Wars film.


Star Wars: Rebel Assault, also known simply as Rebel Assault, is a sci-fi on-rail shooter developed and published by LucasArts for DOS PCs and Macintosh computers in late 1993, with a port for the Sega CD released in 1994 and a port for the 3DO released in 1995.

Designed as an "action arcade game for CD-ROM", Rebel Assault was the studio's showcase CD-ROM title and makes strong use of full motion video, both in cutscenes and in gameplay and with both scenes from the Star Wars films and pre-rendered 3D, as well as the films' iconic orchestral soundtrack. It also provides a more simplistic arcade-style approach to piloting the series' ships, as opposed to the sim-oriented Star Wars: X-Wing released earlier that year.

Set throughout the events of the original Star Wars film, Rebel Assault puts players in the role of a rookie pilot of the Rebel Alliance, known as "Rookie One". After training with some of the faction's different types of spacefighters, players then partake in multiple missions against the Galactic Empire (including the Battle of Tatooine and the Battle of Yavin). It also features a facsimile to the Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back, set in a separate base on Hoth, and includes a non-canonical representation of the iconic Death Star "Trench Run" (which has Rookie One making the run instead of Luke Skywalker).

The game includes three types of vehicular sequences, all of which are on-rail: one in a first-person cockpit perspective, one in a third-person behind-the-back perspective, and one in a third-person overhead perspective. These usually have players aiming the crosshair for the weaponry, which also maneuvers the ship around to avoid walls and other hazards.

It later received a sequel in 1995, known as Star Wars: Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire.


  1. Flight Training (Skyhopper) - Third-Person, followed by Overhead
  2. Asteroid Field Training (A-Wing) - First-Person
  3. Planet Kolaador (A-Wing) - Third-Person
  4. Star Destroyer Attack (X-Wing) - First-Person
  5. Tatooine Attack (X-Wing) - Third-Person, followed by First-Person
  6. Asteroid Field Chase (X-Wing) - First-Person
  7. Imperial Probe Droids (Snowspeeder) - Third-Person
  8. Imperial Walkers (Snowspeeder) - First-Person. This chapter uses branching paths, with incorrect paths requiring the player to circle around.
  9. Stormtroopers - Special third-person "on-foot" sequence. Players can only aim a certain amount in front of Rookie One, and can side-step left and right using the secondary button. This chapter uses branching paths, with incorrect paths causing the player to lose a life.
  10. Protect Rebel Transport (X-Wing) - First-Person
  11. Yavin Training (X-Wing) - Third-Person
  12. TIE Attack (X-Wing) - First-Person
  13. Death Star Surface (X-Wing) - Overhead
  14. Surface Cannon (X-Wing) - First-Person
  15. Death Star Trench (X-Wing) - First-Person