Wild Guns

Wild Guns

A bounty hunter and a skilled shooter bring a wild vendetta against a vast gang of outlaws and robots in this third-person rail shooter for the SNES that mixes American Westerns with futuristic sci-fi.


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Wild Guns is a sci-fi third-person rail shooter developed and published by Natsume for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on August 12, 1994 (in Japan), on July 1995 (in North America), and on October 30, 1996 (in Europe, published by Titus).

Set in a bizarre sci-fi steampunk version of the American Wild West, players control Clint or Annie as they seek revenge against the Kid gang for murdering Annie's family.

The game plays similarly to Cabal and NAM-1975, where players control both the character's movements (to dodge enemy fire) and the crosshair (to aim their weapons, similar to shooting gallery games). However, players can only control the reticle when they're shooting and can only control their movement when they're holstered.

It was later digitally re-released for Nintendo's Virtual Console on the Wii (on May 31, 2010) and Wii U (on September 18, 2014). It also received an enhanced update for the PlayStation 4 in 2016. Titled Wild Guns Reloaded, this update adds four-player support with two new playable characters, enhanced visuals (with full widescreen support), and new stages (with new enemies).


Many enemies don't seem common in a western
Many enemies don't seem common in a western

WIld Guns is primarily an on-rails, Arcade style shooter. The characters, Clint and Annie, are shown on screen, and the player can move the character and shooting cursor around for combat. The characters are able to use a jumping and dodging maneuver to avoid obstacles on the screen. They'll also be able to pick up various weapons that fit the western theme such as a shotgun or Gatling gun.

There are six levels in Wild Guns, and each has multiple areas to shoot through. Each area has its own time limit and quota of enemies to shoot, eventually leading to an encounter with a boss. If the player does not shoot all the enemies in time they will not receive a bonus, but will still be allowed to continue to the next area.

The game also supports a two-player co-operative mode. One player controls Annie while the other controls Clint. By pressing the face buttons at the character select screen, the player can determine what color palette their character uses.