A PS2 launch title action RPG by From Software, the creators of the King's Field and Souls franchises.


Sharline and Darius were raised together in the village of Solta, on the continent of Edinbury. Some of the people here had odd marks called crests, Darius included. Solta and their nieghbor, Morea, were in conflict because of Billiana Trees. Which Morea thought sacred while Solta believed them to use up all the resources in the land.

This conflict started the Billiana War, which cause bad things to happen in both Darius' and Sharline's family. the crest killed Darius' mother and father, while Sharline strangely gets teleported out of this world and into a "lost" world called Rieubane.

She awakes later in a small house, with a woman named Sienna helping her, claiming that she found her unconscious in the forest. Sienna tells Sharline to stay inside until she is back. Sharline ends up succumbing to her curiosity and she peeks through the door.

Morphius, an old magician, sees Sharline while questioning Sienna and kidnaps her (Sienna) for hiding someone. Before he leaves though he launches a fireball into the house knocking Sharline out for the count.

When Sharline wakes up she chooses to find Sienna to figure out where she is and how she got here.


The Rieubane Empire, led by Morphius, a powerful magician, was once the most powerful empire on the continent of Edinbury. Morphius soon began loyally studying the Crest, strange markings on one's hands which are very powerful. Crests are considered cursed and dangerous to be around because of the bad things that happen to the bearers.


Developed by From Software, Evergrace was like a successor to the King's Field series and a precursor to the Souls series.