WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$

A party-based re-release of the original WarioWare GBA game. Features the same microgames as the GBA original, and several multiplayer party modes.


A multiplayer-focussed version of the original WarioWare for Game Boy Advance. Rather than a full new game, Mega Party Game$ simply takes the original 213 microgames and builds a new selection of party games around them. Some supplements to the original game, such as a sound test and character bios are also included in the package. The single player game is almost exactly the same as the GBA original, but this release ditches the stories and instead uses a generic elevator design for every stage. The remix stages are also still present, but with a couple of additions. The entire game can be played using a GBA system as the controller using a GC-GBA Link Cable.


The story elements of the original game have been removed from this version, but there are some cutscenes that tell a bizarre short story in several parts:

  • Groovy Love Thang: It's nighttime in Diamond City, and Jimmy is at Club Sugar with his girlfriend, who offers him a choice: Her, or dancing. Jimmy shuffles back to the dance floor, and his girl leaves him. As Jimmy protests, a taxi cab drives past the club.
  • Dreamy Drive: The cab - driven by Dribble and Spitz - picks up a female fare, who asks to be taken to the farthest reaches of space. As Dribble puts his foot down, it is revealed that the passenger is Orbulon in disguise, and the cab takes off towards the stars.
  • Depths of Space: The trio board Orbulon's spaceship, where he declares that they shall be his underlings, to which thy call him a numbskull. This speech (yes, the actual piece of on-screen text) hits an asteroid outside which heads straight for the ship.
  • Toilet Commander: The ship falls back to Earth, crash landing in Crygor's Lab. D.r Crygor, asleep on the toilet is sent flying through the roof and back down again b the impact.
  • Yo-Ho Show Time: Crygor, Orbulon, Dribble and Spitz pile into the taxi cab and start to cross the water back to the mainland. Spitz turns on the dashboard TV, which shows "The Super Show" which stars 9-Volt, Kat and Ana. The display suddenly cuts out and we see Wario on his couch, who realizes his TV is broken.
  • Shiner Diner: This part is shown after beating the Stage Clear mode. Mona speeds along on her scooter as a soccer ball bounces in the road. She sends it flying when she goes past, and the ball flies all the way into Wario's chimney. The ball hits his TV, which snaps back on. The WarioWare, Inc. staff gather at Restaurant Sora Sora (where Mona works) and the cast credits play.

Single Player Modes


While WarioWare, Inc. Mega Party Game$ is focused on the mutliplayer modes, a variety of single player modes are available.

  • Stage Clear: Play through each set of microgames and beat it's boss. Similar to the story mode of the GBA version, though without actual character stories.
  • All Mixed Up: All the microgames are mixed together randomly in this mode.
  • Hard: The game begins at a very high speed.
  • Thrilling: The player is given only one life, and the microgames are all at their highest level.
  • Time Attack: The player plays through 20, 40 or 60 microgames as fast as possible. Winning speeds the games up, and losing slows them down. This mode was not found in the original GBA game.
  • Master Mode: The player must play through every microgame once, and gets scored for the ones they complete. This was also not in the GBA game.

There are also some other unlockable goodies:

  • Character Intros: Bios for each character.
  • Movie Matters: Lets the player watch the "story" videos that play at the title screen, view the character credits, or watch music for the Japanese songs Drifting Away and Four Seasons.
  • Staff Roll: A minigame that plays similarly to the Word Up microgame. The player has to shoot "?" panels to reveal the first letter of each developer's name.


The Album mode is similar to the Grid mode of the original game, which allows the player to play any microgame on a progressively harder loop ti try and beat a high score. The Album offers better sorting options, giving the option to sort each set by Title, ID number, or High Score. As well as the normal single-genre books, Mega Party Game$ allows the player to view all the microgames together listed as full summaries or screenshots.

Multiplayer Modes

Character Modes

  • Survival Fever (Jimmy): A spotlight randomly selects one of four players and they must then play a mini-game. Occasionally the spotlight will select all players and they must all complete the same mini-game. If a player fails three times they are eliminated. The speed increases each turn, making this the fastest paced multi-player mode in the game.
  • Outta My Way (Wario): One of four players is selected to play a mini-game while the other players control characters that walk around on-screen. The goal is to distract the player currently playing the mini-game so they fail. The characters can jump and temporarily increase in size in order to be as distracting as possible. The player who fails the least mini-games wins. Large characters, such as Spitz, are ideal as they obstruct more of the screen then other characters.
  • Card-e Cards (9-Volt): A GBA system with an e-Reader is in the center of the screen, with two plies of e-cards. Each player in turn picks a card off one of the piles. When somebody gets a card with the e-reader logo on it, they must play all the microgame cards that have been picked up in that round. If the player successfully wins all the games, they get to keep all the cards. While games are being plaed, other players can try and steal cards from each other. The player with the most cards wins.
  • Balloon Bang (Dr. Crygor): Players take it in turns to play microgames on a TV screen, swapping out when a microgame is won. While one is playing, the others have to pump air into a balloon. Whoever is playing a microgame when the balloon explodes loses.
  • Wobbly Bobbly (Kat): This mode includes the closest thing to new mini-games the game has to offer as there are four-player challenges that determine which character gets to then attempt a mini-game. These include a search for an item in room, a race to crawl to the center of a mat and avoiding the dripping nose of a crying girl. The winner of this four-player game then attempts a mini-game. If successful, all other players are punished with a turtle, if not they are punished with a small turtle. At the end of each round, the player must balance on top of the turtles they have acquired. The last player that survives all the balance challenges wins the game.
  • Milky Way Delirium (Dribble): a 5x5 grid of asteroids is shown on the screen. Each one has a number corresponding to the number of microgames that must be beaten before it is destroyed. Once's it's destroyed, the spot is claimed for the player who beat the last game. At the end, the person with the most asteroids must defeat a robot by playing one more microgame. However, the screen is covered by the asteroids of the other players.
  • Listen to the Doctor! (Mona): Arguably the strangest multi-player option in the game. Each turn a player is selected to see the doctor who is then challenged to play a mini-game while obeying some strange instruction the doctor gives. Examples include "while barking like a dog", "while looking at Player 2" etc. The other players then tap A to clap for the player, the idea being the better they adhered to the instruction the more applause they receive. Flawed in that the winner is basically determined by rival players.
  • All for One (Orbulon): A co-operative game mode where one player is selected to play mini-games while the other players try to reveal as much of the screen as possible with flashlights to make the first players job as easy as possible. The flashlight beam can be three different shapes, which allows for different scenarios to be best displayed. At the end of the game a score is given that is meant to reflect how good your friendship is with your fellow team-mates.

Other Modes

  • 1 Controller Survival: This mode is playable for up to sixteen players as it involves passing the controller from player to player. Each player is represented by jogger in a colored jumpsuit. Before each mini-game a player's name is displayed (Big precedes male players names, Little precedes female player's names) and that player plays a mini-game. If a player fails they are eliminated. The speed of the game increases as players are eliminated and time goes on. The last remaining player is declared winner.
  • 1 Controller Jump Forever: Based on the Jumpin' Rope microgame. Each player lines up and jumps the rope in turns. Only 1 controller can be used, so the player must pass it to the next person before they have to jump. As the game continues, the speed goes up.
  • Jump Forever: Based on the Jumpin' Rope microgame. Up to four players jump at the same time. The speed increases constantly, and the last person standing wins.
  • Paper Plane: Based on the Paper Plane microgame, this mode has up to four players steer colored paper planes down the tower through obstacles. The first one to reach to finishing line wins.

Extra Features

Game Data

For each player profile (up to 16 can be saved), the Game Data screen keeps track for a variety of stats, which rank the player on Timing, Control, Speed, Intelligence and Stamina. It also provides high scores for the single player modes and win percentages for multiplayer, in addition to how they rank among the other players.

Sound Room

Appearing in the Options after being unlocked, the Sound Room allows the player to listen to all the music tracks and sound effects in the game.


Standard Microgames

This game contains the exact same 213 microgames as it's GBA counterpart. A complete list of every game is on that page.

Multiplayer Microgames

New for this game are 15 2-4 player microgames. Since they are not listed in the Album, the names below aren't official (some names are taken from the sound test). In games where the players take turns, the first player is randomly selected.

  • Hit the Bucket: Fire a slingshot at a bucket. If a player manages to hit it twice consecutively, they win.
  • Don't Get Sucked Up: Run away from the dripping snot. The last player standing wins. The snot can remove parts of the floor, restricting players' movement.
  • Rolling Nose: A rotating nose is in the center of the screen. The first player to correctly insert their fingers wins.
  • Jump Rope: Players take turns to jump over the rope without tripping. The last player standing wins.
  • Golden Egg: Each player selects a chicken. Once everyone has chosen, the chickens lay eggs, and whoever gets the golden egg wins. This game is based only on pure luck.
  • Tease the Cat: Players must tickle and tease a cat until it chooses a player.
  • Navigate the Maze: Players must find their way to the center of the maze with a limited field of view. The first one there wins.
  • Find the Cash Stash!: Players must ransack a room by clicking on hiding places. The player who finds the money wins.
  • Grab the Money: Players must jump up to try and grab some money. It is possible to use another player's head as a platform to get higher. Whoever grabs it, wins.
  • Reach the Trophy: Players must crawl across the floor to reach a trophy in the center of the screen. Whoever touches it first wins.
  • Find the Idol: Players take turns selecting cloaked figures on the screen. Whoever uncovers the idol wins the game.
  • Stop the Clock: Each player has a stopwatch which they must stop at 5:00 seconds. Whoever gets the closest wins.
  • Shotput: Each player is rotating a shotput. They must throw it upwards as far as possible. The furthest shotput wins.
  • Stop the Alarm: An alarm clock is in the middle of the screen. As soon as it goes off, players must try to stop it. Whoever hits it first wins.
  • Avoid the Monster: Players have to run away from the girlie bunny monster. Whoever is left standing at the end wins. The area gets smaller as time goes on.
  • Fly Catcher: Players have to catch a fly in their chopsticks as it flies around. Whoever gets it wins.


Like it's GBA counterpart, Mega Party Game$ includes a couple of Japanese songs with vocals. The two songs from the original games appear as music videos in this game too.

Shinobi Game Lyrics

This is the music to Kat & Ana's multiplayer stage. The English name is "Stealth Turtles".

Ame shizuka ni nani o terashi

Kaze tsumetaku hô utsu

Yuki kasuka ni mau tame iki

Shin-shin tsunorimasu

Taete taetemo ashita wa tôku

Yurare yurarete nijimu namida

Negare nagasare tsugaru omoi

Mune ni chikaimasu

So'o konoyo wa

Yoru ni tomadô

Shinobi kame

Ai tsumuide mi ni matoi

Yume tsuzutte samayô

Kono kizutsuki wareta kokoro

Nidoto wa modori masenû

Taete taetemo ashita wa tôku

Yurare yurarete nijimu namida

Negare nagasare shinogu omoi

Tsune ni uta terasu

So'o konoyo wa

Yoru ni tomadô

Miren kame

Ko=i=wa Misuterî Lyrics

This track only has a single line of speech. The English title is "Love is a Mystery".

Ko=i=wa uki-uki waku-waku misuterî