A puzzle game for the Amiga and Super Nintendo. The player controls a pair of mischievous apprentices as they recover tiny creatures known as Troddlers for their master


Troddlers is a puzzle game developed by Atod. It features a pair of apprentices, Hokus and Pokus, as they travel through various stages to recover tiny creatures known as Troddlers. Players can remove and place blocks in the stage (similar to Solomon's Key) in order to direct the Troddlers, which walk around based on a fixed set of programmed directions, to the exits.

The game was released on the Amiga initially for a European market in 1992, and was ported to the Super Nintendo by Seika the following year in both the US and Europe. It also received an MS-DOS port. The SNES version was one of a handful of games to support the SNES Mouse peripheral.


The player controls Hokus alone in single-player, and a second player can assume the role of Pokus for co-operative play. The goal for each stage is to funnel the Toddlers to nearby exits. Troddlers will continue to walk in one direction until they hit a wall, at which point they will walk up the wall (and then across the ceiling). To help them reach the exit, the player can pick up and place blocks in stage. The number they can pick up is dependent on a hard limit and the number of blocks available in each stage. If the

If the player places blocks in their path, the Troddlers will walk over the block. If they place it on top of Troddlers, it will kill them. There are also zombie Troddlers, which the player has to destroy. If a zombie Troddler reaches an exit, they are safe and cannot be destroyed, which usually means that the stage needs to be reset.

There are also many different blocks with various effects, and there are occasionally enemies to avoid as well.