Ridge Racer DS

Ridge Racer DS

Ridge Racer DS is a port of Ridge Racer 64 that adds optional touchscreen controls and wireless mutiplayer for up to six players.

Ridge Racer DS is one of the first Nintendo DS titles and helped served to demonstrate the DS's capabilities.

It is a port of Ridge Racer 64, with some alterations. For example any instance of Reiko Nagase seen in the N64 version (From the packaging to in-game artwork) is replaced by images of Gina Cavalli from R-Racing Evolution.

Control Schemes

In place of an analog stick are three control schemes. Two of them making use of the touch screen.

Easy Play [Pad Control]

Uses the D-Pad for steering and does not use touch control.

Hard Play [Stylus Control]

Depending on where you place the stylus determines the turn radius.

Expert Play [Slide Control]

Using the wrist strap that came with the original Nintendo DS models which has a thumb pad attached, the neutral point is placed depending on where you place the thumb strap. Letting go of the screen allows to re-adjust the neutral point of the touch control steering.

These control schemes are similar to what is seen in Super Mario 64 DS.