A modern day Guitar Hero-styled game for the Commodore 64

Developed by Synthetic Dreams, Shredz64 is a rhythm game in the style of Guitar Hero/Rock Band. It is played by hooking up a PlayStation guitar controller to a Commodore 64 through Synthetic Dreams' PSX64 adapter. The game features pseudo-3D scrolling graphics. 

Included Tracks  

  • Axel F Remix - Nantco Bakker  
  • Bombo - Ben Daglish 
  • Dreamball - Johan T. Enyedi   
  • Edwin's Dream - Edwin van Santen    
  • Ex State of Mind - Michal Hoffmann (Randall)  
  • Ghostbusters - Roger Duijckaerts (ReD)     
  • Hotel California - Tomas Danko
  • Lick My Guitar - Hein Holt (Hein Design)
  • Supremacy - Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
  • Zelda Overworld (Final Version) - Sascha Zeidler (Linus)

Bonus Tracks  

  • Stairway Intro - Nantco Bakker
  • Still Alive (Portal Credits) - Andreas Slotte (Ghormak)
  • Zak McKracken Remix - Roger Duijckaerts (ReD)