FX Fighter

FX Fighter

Eight fighters compete for survival in this PC fighting game where the loser's planet is annihilated by a power hungry alien.


FX Fighter is an early PC DOS fighting game developed by Argonaut Games and released by GTE Entertainment in 1995. It is one of the first uses of Argonaut's BRender technology which would later be used in Microsoft's 3D Movie Maker. A 3D accelerated version of the game came out, utilizing 3D capable graphics cards such as the Diamond Monster 3D. A version of the game was being developed for the Super Nintendo, relying on the Super FX 2 processor. It was canceled along with Star Fox 2, another Super FX 2-powered title that was being developed at the time.

Like most fighting games, the story is slim. An alien warrior, Rygil, who pilots a Deathstar-like planet gives a proposition to the inhabitants of eight different world: They either compete in a tournament to declare the greatest warrior in the galaxy or have their planet demolished. However, if they lose the tournament, their planet is destroyed as well.

There are eight fighters that come from vastly different environments. There were 4 male characters and 4 female characters (Venom was credited as female though her being an insect it was hard to tell). It also contains 10 different arenas, one for each of the fighters, the boss stage, and a tiny sudden death platform that you could fight on if the previous match was a draw.


Each fighter can be categorized into a theme, or concept (earth, water, etc...)


(Male) - Mystical monk fighter, based on the element of wind.


(Cyben 3D) (Male) - Robotic fighter coming from a completely artificial and mechanical world with no organic life.


(Female) - Amazonian woman coming from a heavily forested planet.


(Male) - Derivative fighter from earth, which is now an over polluted sprawling metropolis.


(Male) - Massive stone and lava golem from a volcanic planet.


(Female) - Cat woman from another nature lush planet.


(Female) - Water based magical being from a planet destroyed by massive floods. One of the last of her kind.


(Female) - A huge mantis type insect, her green world is covered in massive hives and dwellings.

While the games system requirements were low (33MHz 486), to run the game at anywhere near full detail smoothly would need at least a Pentium based computer.