Ridge Racer 7

Ridge Racer 7

Ridge Racer 7 is a Playstation 3 exclusive and a launch title. It is similar to Ridge Racer 6, but adds many new courses, as well as a new UI, progression structure, and soundtrack.

Though it shares content with Ridge Racer 6 for the Xbox 360, the first installment of Ridge Racer on the PlayStation 3 is titled Ridge Racer 7. Bandai Namco Games released the game alongside the PlayStation 3 in November 2006. It is also one of the first games that allows users to install a chunk of the game to the PS3's hard drive, ostensibly to reduce load times.

As usual, the gameplay in Ridge Racer 7 features wild, arcade-style racing with a heavy drift style that, at times, feels like the player has very little to do with the way the car deftly pitches around curves. RR7 also adds the ability to slipstream behind other racers, and it also contains some vehicle customization.

Online play is also included with support up to 14 players, and Ridge Racer 7 also sports downloadable content. These range from free downloadable decals to purchasable music that can be played in-game.

You have the option of playing a mini-game; Xevious, when loading the game.

Gameplay Modes

Single Player

  • Ridge State Grand Prix
  • Manufacturer's Trials
  • UFRA Single Event
  • Extreme Battle (Not unlocked until completion of main Grand Prix)


  • Global Time Attack
  • Standard Race
  • Pair Time Attack
  • Team Battle
  • Pair Battle
  • UFRA Special Event
  • Multi Race