Chris Sawyer's Locomotion

Chris Sawyer's Locomotion

A business sim all about building and expanding a Transport Company.


The spiratual successor to Transport Tycoon, Chris Sawyer's Locomotion is a simple game similar in its 2D isometric graphical style to RollerCoaster Tycoon (1 and 2).The game allows you to build an empire of Transport services, and compete with other companies for the most money. Both Passengers and Cargo can be transported around the game map. Whenever a station is built, the game displays a list of the goods which can be 'used' by the buildings (houses and industrial buildings) and thoes which are 'given off' by the buildings.

The two areas of the game are mainly the goods transporting, and the passenger. Transporting goods from one industrial plant to another, in order that they can make something possibly useful to the populace is one aspect; while moving passengers from urban area to urban area is the other.

The game can be played single player or online against another real person. The single player follows either scenarios made by the player in a creator or thoes made for the game. The pre-made scenarios are mostly based on a real place, and are one of five difficulty settings: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Challenging and Expert. All scenarios have other companies which appear, and attempt to make more money than the player, but these are controlled by the difficulty level.



The Train system in the game requires the player to lay tracks, purchase trains, and create stations at ends of the line where goods/passengers can be collected/dropped off. Different carriages are added to trains to transport different goods.


The busses can run on roads already built by the game in urban areas, but bus stops need to be built where the bus will stop to collect passengers. Busses can ONLY carry passengers.


These require tracks but these can be built on roads already in use. Bus and Tram Stops are the same so one can be used for both a bus and a tram. Trams can ONLY carry passengers.


Many ships can be built which require ports to be built (on the waterfront or at sea). These work like train stations, and collect a multitude of goods for transport. Both passengers and goods can be transported, although these require different vessels.


The Airplanes in the game must have airports to use, which can only hold a certian number of planes at a time. The planes can take both people and goods, although as with Ships these require different different planes.


Trucks in the game carry goods from one place to another. They use cargo depots which must be built on the end of a road. Trucks CANNOT carry passengers, but can carry all other things.