EA Replay

EA Replay

EA: replay is collection of 10 classic games from the 1990's.

Following the trend of retro themed compilations for the PSP, EA Replay collects 14 EA-published games from the Mega Drive/Genesis & SNES days on one UMD.

The titles included in the compilation are (in alphabetical order):

1) B.O.B

2) Budokan

3) Desert Strike

4) Jungle Strike

5) Haunting Starring Polterguy

6) Mutant League Football

7) Road Rash

8) Road Rash II*

9) Road Rash III

10) Syndicate

11) Ultima VII: The Black Gate

12) Virtual Pinball

13) Wing Commander

14) Wing Commander: Secret Missions

* Much to the outrage of some purists, Road Rash II is not a truly authentic emulation, and has had the original musical score replaced with a single alternate track.