Chronomaster was developed by DreamForge Intertainment and published by Capstone Software. It was co-authored by Jane Lindskold and famed novelist Roger Zelazny who died during the game's development in 1995.


 You play as Rene Korda, a former creator of  pocket universes custom made to suit the personality of the person who ordered them. Two of these universes have but put into a state of temporal stasis and Rene Korda must travel into them to find out who is responsible. Utilizing bottled time enables him to walk freely around these worlds and allows any part of the world he is standing near to operate outside of the stasis. The player can choose to leave bottled time with objects so they may continue to function without the player having to stand next to it which makes up a lot of the ingame puzzles. When the player runs out of bottled time he gets stuck in stasis, unable to complete the game which leads to a game over, bottled time is replenished by returning to your ship.

Voice Cast  

The main character Rene Korda was voiced by Ron Perlman .  
The voice of Korda's PDA robot is voiced by  Lolita Davidovich
Korda's former student, MIlo, is voiced by Brent Spiner.