NBA Hangtime

NBA Hangtime

The arcade sequel to Midway's NBA Jam series of two-on-two rules-light arcade basketball games, featuring a new aesthetic, new player abilities, and a robust character creation system.


NBA Hangtime (also known as NBA Hang Time) is a belt-scrolling basketball game developed and released by Midway for arcades in April 1996.

A sequel to the 1993 game NBA Jam (and its 1994 Tournament Edition update), NBA Hangtime features an updated NBA roster for the 1995-96 season (now with each team having a five-man roster to choose from), new player abilities (such as spin moves, fadeaway shots, alley-oops, "double-dunks", and the "Team Fire" buff), an updated cheat code system (similar to Kombat Kodes from Mortal Kombat 3), an updated persistent profile system (using longer names and four-digit PINs), and overhauled higher-quality graphics and audio (with Chicago Bulls announcer Neil Funk doing the voice commentary).

The game also features the "Create Player" system, in which players forego using their credit to play the game to instead create and update their own custom basketball player for their persistent profile. Along with a custom name, uniform color, wacky head, and a "nickname" for the announcer, players can distribute their attributes from a limited point pool (which gets larger the more that player wins).

The game later received ports for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis on November 1996, both ported by Funcom and published by Midway themselves (rather than Acclaim, who previously published ports of NBA Jam). It was later ported by Midway Studios San Diego and Director's Cut International to the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Windows PCs in early 1997.

Earlier versions of NBA Hangtime (as well as the home versions) included a NBA trivia quiz after each game for bragging rights, additional attribute points (home version only), and a chance to win prizes (arcade version only). The game later received an update in November 1996 as NBA Maximum Hangtime, updating the roster to match the 1996-97 season while adding new secrets and a new "hot spots" system, where each basketball player has a hidden spot on the court where they shoot more accurately. It was later succeeded by NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC.

Teams & Players

Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics
Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Tyrone Hill
  • Chris Mills
  • Bobby Phills
  • Terrell Brandon
  • Danny Ferry
Dallas Mavericks
Denver Nuggets
Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors
Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers
Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles Lakers
Miami Heat
Milwaukee Bucks
Minnesota Timberwolves
New Jersey Nets
New York Knicks
Orlando Magic
Philadelphia 76ers
Phoenix Suns
Portland Trail Blazers
  • Rod Strickland
  • Clifford Robinson
  • Arvydas Sabonis
  • Buck Williams
  • Randolph Childress
Sacramento Kings
San Antonio Spurs
Seattle Supersonics
Toronto Raptors
  • Carlos Rogers
  • Damon Stoudamire
  • Alvin Robinson
  • Oliver Miller
  • Tracey Murray
Utah Jazz
Vancouver Grizzlies
  • Greg Anthony
  • Blue Edwards
  • Byron Scott
  • Bryant Reeves
  • Eric Murdoch
Washington Bullets

Hidden Players