Meteos is a fast-paced puzzle game which challenges players to fend off falling blocks that rain down from multiple planets.


Meteos, released in June 2005 by Q Entertainment, Nintendo, and Bandai; challenges players to attempt to clear a screen of falling blocks, or "Meteos". As the game progresses and the player launches more Meteos off the screen, the Meteos begin to rain faster, forcing the player to rely on split-second reflexes.


The game is played on of 32 different "Planets", each with individual characteristics that affect or impede gameplay - for example, some planets increase or decrease the size of the Meteos, whilst others may change the effect of gravity upon the falling Meteos and the way they are launched.

Some planets are unlocked by launching a certain amount of colored blocks or by launching rare element blocks. All planets are represented by a small simplistic character alien that reacts to things occurring during gameplay.

By moving the stacked Meteos up and down to create links of similarly colored Meteos, the blocks are sent towards the top of screen by jet propulsion. These jets move the blocks to the top of the screen at varying speeds offering the chance to form combos on the launched blocks. These combos will create a second set of jets and propel the blocks even faster.


The game is playable by using either the DS Touch-screen and stylus or through the use of the D-pad and buttons. However, due to the fast-paced nature of the game, players often use the stylus control scheme.


Upon its release in 2005, Meteos received high critical acclaim. It was rated the rated the 52nd best game made on a Nintendo System in Nintendo Power's Top 200 Games list, as well as attaining an aggregate score of 88/100 on both Metacritic and Game Rankings.


Meteos has spawned a number of sequels, including:

  • Meteos: Disney Magic, Released February 27, 2007
  • Meteos Online
  • Meteos for mobile phones and other wireless devices
  • Meteos Wars for Xbox Live Arcade in December 2008

Game Modes

Star Trip

Star Trip is the story mode of Meteos, in which you travel from world to world choosing which path to take, each world you visit has different objectives, and whether or not you meet these objectives determines which worlds will be available to you on the next leg of your journey.


In simple mode you play a single world of your choosing, you can set your difficulty and how many lives you have. This mode is particularly useful for gathering elements that can be used in Fusion in which you can use the elements you gather as currency to purchase more planets to play in simple and deluge modes.


Deluge in an even simpler mode then Simple, in this mode you play with one life on the world of your choosing until you fail.

Time War

Time War is broken up into four separate modes

  • 2:00 Time War: Here you have 2 minutes to get the high score on the planet Geolyte.
  • 5:00 Time War: You have 5 minutes to get the high score on the planet Layazero.
  • 100 Meteos: Clear 100 Meteos on the planet Firim as fast as possible.
  • 1000 Meteos: Clear 1000 Meteos on the planet Hevendor as fast as possible.


  • Geolyte Set "Bravo"
  • Bavoom Set "Funky Horn"
  • Firim Set "Rocking Spirit"
  • Jel Jel Set "Hall of Horrors"
  • Oleana Set "Shinin"
  • Freaze Set "Winter Impasse"
  • Anasaze Set "Wild West Cowboy"
  • Forte Set "Stepped On"
  • Cavious Set "Ambient Pipes"
  • Grannest Set "Tech 'n' Knock"
  • Mekks Set "Famicomic"
  • Suburbion Set "Hot Revival"
  • Gravitas Set "Metallia"
  • Layazero Set "Eurorockitude"
  • Boggob Set "Cha-Cha Chop"
  • Wuud Set "Earth Rhythms"
  • Megadom Set "Major Tempo"
  • Dawndus Set "Drumline"
  • Thirnova Set "Bossa Cafe"
  • Gigagush Set "Aliens"
  • Hevendor Set "Space-Time Continuum"
  • Brabbit Set "Pon!"
  • Yodj Set "Number 5"
  • Hotted Set "Transpace"
  • Vubble Set "Natural Paradise"
  • Wiral Set "Speed of Magic"
  • Florias Set "Indie Music Troupe"
  • Globin Set "Inner Bubbles"
  • Starrii Set "Holiday Laughter"
  • Lastar Set "Solar Chimes"
  • Luna=Luna Set "The Scratch Show"
  • Meteo Set "Planet Meteo"