Destruction Derby Raw

Destruction Derby Raw

Enjoy some more car wrecking action in the fifth installment of the Destruction Derby franchise.


Destruction Derby Raw is a driving video game that was developed by Studio 33 exclusively for the original PlayStation. Released in 2000, Destruction Derby Raw is the fifth instalment in the Destruction Derby series. The game was popular enough (along with the previous two PlayStation Destruction Derby titles) to acquire a release on the PlayStation’s Platinum Range in early 2002.

Development of the game came about as a result of the cancellation of Destruction Derby 3, which was due to be the next instalment in the series, but development was halted as a result of undisclosed reasons.

Despite being released only three months before the launch of the PlayStation 2 console, the game saw no PlayStation 2 release.


Studio 33 made a number of improvements on previous titles, one prominent example being a tweaked collision system, which allowed for side-impact damage for the first time.

The game featured 31 different tracks, and offered support for up to four players, being the first non kart racer on the PlayStation to do so.


Wreckin’ Racing

Is a singleplayer season-style racing mode which features 25 different race tracks on which to compete. Players earn points depending upon where they finish in the race, but also for how much damage they deal to opponents. Each race has a required number of points that the player must acquire in order to progress onto the next stage.

Smash 4 $

Smash 4 $ (pronounced ‘smash for cash’) is another singleplayer mode that is similar to Wreckin’ Racing, except that the player is not permitted to select the course, and can instead earn money in order to acquire faster and more powerful vehicles, and also to acquire various upgrades to these vehicles.


Destruction Derby also features four multiplayer Battle games, which can support four human players along with 16 CPU opponents. The different Battle modes are;

Destruction Derby - A mode that offers classic stadium-based car wrecking action. There are three different types of Destruction Derby available, which are Classic, Armageddon, and Vampyre.

Assault – Team-based ‘capture the flag’ style game.

Skyscraper – The objective of this mode is to push opponent cars off the rooftop of a tall skyscraper, in addition to picking up points via the usual method.

Pass Da Bomb – Bombs are allotted to different cars at random, and the objective is to pass the bombs onto other cars (by crashing into them) before they explode. To make the mode even trickier the bombs are given different explosive strengths and fuse lengths. Points are awarded for holding onto a bomb for as long as possible.