Hunter: The Reckoning

Hunter: The Reckoning

Hunter: The Reckoning is an action game based on White Wolf's tabletop RPG of the same name. It supports 4-player co-op.


Hunter: The Reckoning is an isometric action game with RPG elements that casts the player in the role of one of four hunters, normal humans with the ability to call upon supernatural powers to fight hordes of monsters that have infested the town of Ashcroft. The game supports up to four player simultaneous co-op, with each player taking on a different role in the group, and each hunter has unique "edges" that can be activated to do anything from charge their melee weapon to annihilate enemies with a wave of righteous energy. Each character has a ranged weapon with unlimited ammo (though stronger weapons with finite ammo may be collected throughout the game) and a melee weapon, with each character having varying degrees of skill with either melee or ranged weaponry. Experience is gained through rescuing innocent people still trapped in Ashcroft, and killing the hordes of monsters that have taken over the city. These monsters can also drop red or blue crystals which restore health and edge meters respectively.


Ashcroft has never been an idyllic paradise, but when convicted serial killer Nathan Arkady was executed by electric chair. Upon his execution, the souls of the tormented and tortured victims of Arkady, as well as the staff of the inhumanely run prison rose up to take their vengeance on anyone who happened to be in the area at the time. This included Father Esteban Cortez, Spencer "Deuce" Wyatt, Kassandra Cheyung, and Detective Samantha Alexander, who all heard the voices of "The Messengers" when the spirits arose. These unseen supernatural beings imbued the unlikely quartet with the power and abilities to combat the evil that had risen. The threat was defeated and the prison was sealed off.

One year later: several hundred teenagers have organized a massive rave in the courtyard of the closed-down prison. The activity and jubilation of the teens reawaken and reinvigorates the spirits, who are able to break free and kill the vast majority of the teens, possessing and reanimating their corpses as mindless zombies. The walking dead advance on the rest of the city and begin wreaking havoc on the helpless population. The Hunters are drawn to the city and unite to battle the monsters and try to rescue whoever may be left in the decimated city.

As they make their way through the city to the prison, they encounter a twisted, sentient phantom called simply The Carpenter, who offers jeers as well as advice to the group, not the least of which is that the executed criminal Nathaniel was a werewolf, the head of the prison, Warden Degenhardt is a vampire, and the prison physician, Dr. Hadrian is a sadist who had been performing twisted experiments on the prisoners. One by one these enemies fall to the Hunters, but when Hadrian is killed, Carpenter reveals himself to be a mob hitman who was one of Hardian's experiments. Having been denied his only chance for vengeance, he goes mad and attacks the party. After he's subdued, Degenhardt's true form is revealed: a hideous tentacled beast. The Hunters have one final battle before the town of Ashcroft can at long last achieve some measure of peace.

Cast of Characters

Spencer "Deuce" Wyatt: A biker who, at the age of 14, murdered who he thought to be his mother's killer, Spencer fled Ashcroft to strike out on his own. He returned a decade later as the head of a motorcycle gang calling himself Deuce. He learned that his mother's killer was not the man he'd thought, and went to prison for a measure of vindication. Instead, he witnessed the execution of Nathaniel Arkady, and the rest, of course, is history. Deuce is the melee expert of the group, wielding a massive battle-axe and his starting edge, "Cleave," makes the massive weapon even more lethal. In case there's an enemy that's out of swinging distance, Deuce packs a lever-action rifle that sadly he doesn't bother to aim, so its damage is minimal.

Samantha Alexander: Growing up in a supportive family helped Samantha stay on the right side of the law when she was tormented for being a mixed-race child. This taunting only served to strengthen her resolve, and Samantha became a police officer, eventually rising to the rank of detective. Despite her success, Samantha felt that she was held too tightly by rules and regulations, and thus became a private eye after the arrest of Nathaniel Arkady. A friend of hers insisted she come to the prison to get a measure of closure and watch him be executed. This, of course, took an unexpected turn and Samantha became a hunter.

Samantha is the ranged combatant of the group, her scoped magnum revolver offering superior range and ranged damage against enemies. Certain enemies, though, rush in too fast to be effectively picked off by the gun's constant need to reload, and it's then that Samantha falls back on her katana to end the fight. Her edge allows her to buff her allies, increasing their attack and defense.

Kassandra Cheyung: A rich, an only child, Kassandra was the epitome of a spoiled brat. Ever rebellious, she attended a barn rave with one of her best friends, but things turned sour when the police raided the rave and began arresting people. Kassandra was severely injured in the stampede to escape the law as she tried to shield her friend from harm. She was hospitalized and wound up with a great deal of time on her hands to reflect on the kind of life she'd led up until that moment. She turned her life around and began volunteering at the hospital, as well as others. One of those others happened to be Ashcroft prison, where she chanced upon the execution of Nathaniel Arkady. After witnessing him lose his life, hers would be forever transformed.

Kassandra is not spectacular with either her two .45 pistols nor her two hooked daggers, but she's easily the fastest of any of the characters. She gets even faster after using her starting edge, which draws upon her life force to increase her offensive capabilities.

Esteban Cortez: Father Esteban Cortez had long been the chaplain of Ashcroft prison, and he had presided over the lives, and deaths, of some of the worst that society had to offer. Despite this, he never let it crush his spirit though he never felt for the prisoners especially, preferring to be their judges rather than decide whether or not what was happening to them was right. One faithful night, he gave the last rites to Nathaniel Arkady and, perhaps noticing the odd number of people in the area, began a new life using his power to judge, and destroy, more true creatures of the night.

Esteban Cortez is the strongest magic user in the group, his primary edge creating a wave of power that will kill most low-level creatures in droves and damage bosses severely. When his edge meter has expired, he relies on his crusader-style sword or his crossbow, which can kill non-boss vampires in a single shot.

Carpenter: An anonymous, but ruthlessly effective, a hitman for the mafia, the man who would become the Carpenter was arrested and jailed for his numerous crimes. There were far too many bodies to simply sweep under the rug, and he was convicted on several counts of murder and sentenced to Ashcroft prison. While there he became the victim of Dr. Hadrian's inhuman experiments and would eventually succumb to them, becoming a vengeful phantom wielding two UZI's and two knives, as well as powers that approximate the hunters' edges. After Dr. Hadrian is killed, Carpenter goes mad(der) with unfulfilled desires for vengeance and attacks the party. He is slain, but by all indications, death won't keep him down for long.