Army Men: Green Rogue

Army Men: Green Rogue

Grab your rifle and lock 'n load as you play as a modified green plastic soldier and return to the plastic warfare.


Army Men: Green Rogue is an action game developed by 5000ft (PlayStation) and The 3DO Company (PlayStation 2) and was published by The 3DO Company for PlayStation and PlayStation 2.


Players assume the role of the Omega Soldier, a genetically modified super soldier that is composed of the DNA of the Bravo company commandos. When the Omega Soldier is being transferred from the science facility by helicopter to a training facility, the chopper is ambushed by two Tan choppers, causing the chopper to crash, killing everybody aboard except for the Omega Soldier. Shot down and left for dead behind enemy lines, it's up to him to stop the Tan Army.


The gameplay differs slightly from previous additions to series by entering the vein of a more arcade-like shooter.