Medal of Honor: Underground

Medal of Honor: Underground

A sequel to the original Medal of Honor, following a French Resistance fighter during World War 2.


Medal of Honor: Underground is a World War II first-person shooter released in October 2000 for the PlayStation, and is the first direct sequel to the original Medal of Honor. Both games were developed by DreamWorks Interactive.

The player controls Manon Batiste, a French woman who fights for the French Resistance against the Nazis. Manon's role as a resistance fighter leads to a greater focus on stealth gameplay: the player infiltrates enemy compounds, rescues prisoners of war, and sabotages Nazi weapons and equipment. Still, many firefights break out in between sneaking segments.

Underground sold very well, earning it a PlayStation Greatest Hits release.

A Game Boy Advance version of the game, developed by Rebellion rather than DreamWorks, released in 2002 to poor reception.


Mission 1: Occupied!

  • Level 1: Midnight Rendez-vous
  • Level 2: Amongst the Dead
  • Level 3: Without a Trace
  • Level 4: Tread Carefully

Mission 2: Hunting the Desert Fox

  • Level 1: Casablanca
  • Level 2: Lighting the Torch
  • Level 3: Burning Sands
  • Level 4: Ally in the Desert

Mission 3: Undercover in Crete

  • Level 1: Getting the Story
  • Level 2: What Lies at Knossos
  • Level 3: Labyrinth

Mission 4: Wewelsburg: Dark Camelot

  • Level 1: Ascent to the Castle
  • Level 2: Valhalla
  • Level 3: A Vicious Cycle

Mission 5: Last Rites at Monte Cassino

  • Level 1: Roundabout
  • Level 2: Prisoners of War
  • Level 3: Mayhem in the Monastery

Mission 6: A Mittlewerk Saboteur

  • Level 1: Plans for Destruction
  • Level 2: Sabotage!
  • Level 3: Sidecar Shootout

Mission 7: Liberation!

  • Level 1: Final Uprising
  • Level 2: Street by Street
  • Level 3: Operation Marketplace
  • Level 4: The End of the Line