From the Legend of Balubalouk: Aigiina no Yogen

From the Legend of Balubalouk: Aigiina no Yogen

An action/platformer with an RPG facade, in which the player searches dungeons for treasure. It was the first NES game Vic Tokai ever produced.


Aigiina no Yogen ("Aigiina's Prophecy") is an action/platformer developed and published by Japanese communications technology giant Vic Tokai and is the first of many games created by the company for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the spiritual sequel of an Arcade game named Balubalouk no Densetsu ("Legend of Balubalouk"), which is what the subtitle refers to.

Though the game initially appears to be a Zelda-like RPG by its top-down view of an overworld filled with trees and cave entrances, the actual gameplay is closer to that of an older Arcade style platformer such as Ninja-Kid, Mappy or Flicky. The player character can reveal faucets by hitting blocks with his head, which will kill enemies to the left and right when activated. The player can also find various one-use power-ups that will also eliminate nearby enemies. Once enough enemies have fallen, the exit will reveal itself and the player can continue to the next stage. The goal is to search for specific hidden items, found in boss rooms, and collecting them all and uniting them will win the game.

Though the NES version was never released outside of Japan, the game would see an international release for the Commodore 64 in 1988, two years later.